Why Do My Teeth Feel Weird—Reasons&Treatments

Why Do My Teeth Feel Weird—Reasons&Treatments

Have you ever noticed an odd tingling in your teeth? Or maybe your teeth feel weird, no pain is really there, but you can tell something is “off” in that area. You might even say that “my gums feel weird but my teeth seem fine.”

What results in these challenging dental symptoms? Most importantly, do you need to visit a dentist about it?

You might not even notice anything wrong with your teeth when you check them in the mirror to see if there is. It might start when you eat, drink, or perform household duties. This is because your teeth have a nervous system. That peculiar sensation could result from the activation of all those nerve endings. We will go into greater detail about its causes. So stay put and keep reading to learn more.

6 Reasons Explained

There could be a handful of reasons that cause our teeth to feel weird or tingling, such as a bad bite, cavities, or being allergic to oral care products. Most of them won’t need medical attention straight away, but it is best to pay attention to those feelings trying to communicate with us. It’s possible that your strange feeling is a sign of something more serious. Here are five reasons behind the question “why do my teeth feel weird”.

Reason 1: Gum Disease

That weird feeling in your teeth could be because of your gum tissue. Your teeth may feel odd if your gum tissue is infected. Gum tissue that is red and swollen indicates the presence of gum disease. Untreated gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis, which are aggressive, can develop from these swelling or redness symptoms.

Why Do My Teeth Feel Weird—Reasons&Treatments

Reason2: Oral Care Products

Your teeth and gums may feel strange if your oral hygiene routine is altered. As an illustration, using toothpaste for teeth whitening can cause teeth to tingle for a few days. You might be allergic to one of the ingredients in a new toothpaste if your gums start to feel strange. It may take a process of elimination to figure out what it is. Remember that some people can develop sensitivity or allergic reactions to products over time, so this can still happen if you’ve used those items in the past. If your gums are burning, make sure you avoid any products that contain alcohol.

Reason 3: Ulcers and Cold Sores

There hasn’t been a lot of scientific research to support this. However, there have been a few throughout the years that say before seeing any signs of an ulcer or a cold sore, you might feel a stinging sensation in your mouth and gums. Additionally, your teeth may start to feel tingly as a result of this.

For the treatment of ulcers and cold sores, some dentists advise laser therapy. If you want to know if the laser treatment is right for you, talk to your dentist. If you experience cold sores frequently, your dentist may also recommend some medications.

Reason4: Food Caught Between Teeth

This one appears straightforward, but it’s very typical. Food that gets stuck between your teeth, such as shredded meat or popcorn hulls, can cause strange dental sensations and even affect how you bite. At first, you might not be able to tell there’s anything stuck. After a few days, the gums tend to get tender and swollen. If you’re unsuccessful in pulling anything out, try tying a knot in your floss and gliding it gently through the affected area to see if you can pull anything out. It might require several attempts. If you are unable to obtain it, arrange a visit to your dentist’s office so they can use a unique instrument that can safely reach into that area. Don’t disregard your dental hygiene because this symptom may also conceal warning signs of tooth decay and enamel damage.

Reason 5: Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when the gum line pulls away from the teeth, sometimes even to the point where the tooth roots are visible to the outside world. Due to gum recession, your teeth may also experience an odd sensation. Your teeth may feel sensitive if there has been a severe gum recession and the roots of your teeth are too exposed. If left untreated, it might eventually cause teeth to fall out.

Why Do My Teeth Feel Weird—Reasons&Treatments

Reason 6: Sinus Inflammation and Seasonal Allergies

Your nasal sinuses and the roots of your upper teeth are right next to each other. It’s extremely common to hear of people complaining of weird feelings in their teeth or actual toothaches when nothing is wrong with their teeth at all. The actual cause of the pressure on the teeth’s roots is the sinus cavity’s inflammation. This situation may arise if you have severe sinusitis, seasonal allergies, or a stuffy nose. If you nod your head up and down or take a little jump and feel the pressure hurt worse in your teeth, there’s a good chance that your sinuses are to blame.

How to Treat Weird Teeth?

It helps to comprehend the causes of these peculiar teeth in order to be able to treat them. A solution can be found once the root cause has been identified.

Take Care of Your Tooth Enamel

That’s a strong, shielding layer that enables your peculiar teeth to withstand everything you subject them to. Its absence reveals pain-producing nerve endings.

It’s possible that some of your enamel has worn away if you have unusual teeth.

To prevent or put the brakes on that damage:

  • Don’t brush too hard. Do you clean your weird teeth with a heavy hand? You might be taking off more than just plaque. Your enamel may wear away more quickly if you brush from side to side at the gum line. To keep the enamel strong and clean, use a soft-bristled brush and brush at a 45-degree angle to your gums.
  • Steer clear of acidic foods and beverages. Soda, sticky candy, high-sugar carbs — all of these treats attack the enamel. Instead, munch on plain yogurt, cheese, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, and milk.

These will hydrate your mouth and aid in the fight against bacteria and acid that can erode your teeth. One way your mouth handles them is through saliva.

Unclench Your Weird Teeth

Your enamel starts to erode over time if you grind your teeth. You may be able to solve the issue by managing your stress. Your dentist can help you get fitted for a splint or mouth guard if that doesn’t work.

If the issue is serious, you might require either a muscle relaxant or dental work to alter the odd position of your teeth.

Take a Break from Bleaching

The pursuit of whiter teeth might make you suffer. Thankfully, the weird feeling from bleaching is usually temporary. Ask your dentist if you should keep receiving the treatment and how it may be affecting you.


So far, we’ve tried to provide you with a complete list of things that make you ask yourself, “My teeth feel weird—why? I hope you have already discovered the answer to your query, or perhaps you have been looking for more information. Whatever makes you smile and show off those pearly whites.

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