7 Types of Jump Ropes: How to Choose?

7 Types of Jump Ropes: How to Choose?

Jump roping is a low-cost, straightforward cardiovascular exercise that enhances conditioning, balance, and coordination, according to medical professionals and fitness professionals. Overall, the experts we spoke with concur that jump roping has advantages for your heart health, enables you to burn a lot of calories quickly, and is a relatively inexpensive form of exercise.

Which jump rope should I buy? It’s important to note that the materials used to make different types of jump ropes—the most popular of which are plastic, cable, nylon, and PVC—are what distinguish them from one another. Additionally, digital jump ropes have started to gain popularity recently, and we will also be looking into them. Without further ado, let’s explore the various kinds of jumping ropes.

How to Choose Jump Ropes?


Former New York Red Bulls MLS team head athletic trainer Gallucci suggested using a jump rope that was three feet longer than your height. The point where the cable meets each handle of the jump rope should land around your upper chest, around the breast. Step on the middle of the rope and pull it taut.


Three different types of jump ropes are also available: basic, weighted, and speed.

  • A basic jump rope is ideal for beginners because the cable is a little thicker and allows for a better grip.
  • A weighted jump rope carries additional weight in the handles, the cable or both and is best suited for advanced jump ropers or those looking to improve their strength-training.
  • A speed jump rope is thin and light, and a good match for those who like to jump at a fast pace and a great way to improve footwork and conditioning.


The cordless and speed options aren’t ideal if you intend to exercise outside. The speed one might harm the pavement, and the cordless one would just be odd-looking. On the other hand, if you have limited space and want to exercise practically anywhere, a cordless jump rope is the best option for you.


The weighted and speed jump ropes are both good choices if you’ve been training for a while and are skilled at jumping rope. However, beginners would fare much better with cordless and digital ropes.

7 Types of Jump Ropes

Speed Ropes

For double-unders and other cardio-focused jump rope exercises, speed jump ropes are thought to be the best choice. They are the fastest on the market and typically have a very thin PVC plastic cord, so professional boxers and CrossFit workouts use them. Let’s look at some of their main characteristics.

They have shorter handles than other jump ropes and are made to have the rope’s tip as close to your body’s center as possible. as possible. As a result, the rope can rotate more quickly and with less effort from you.

Speed ropes are incredibly lightweight, weighing typically between 50 and 100 grams.

The speed jump rope’s design was created with weight reduction in mind. Because of this, the handles are made of plastic, and the cable is thin metal covered in PVC; other variations are offered on the market, though.

7 Types of Jump Ropes: How to Choose?

Weighted Rope

These days, weighted jump ropes are gaining popularity. And the reason for that is that you can use them for a ton of different purposes and carry out a ton of different functional exercises with them. Weighted jump ropes present a special challenge because they call for the use of your upper body and core in addition to your cardio-focused lower body, unlike other types of jump ropes. They are therefore excellent for both working out and building some muscles, in addition to making you sweat.

Although other materials are also used, aluminum is the most common type of material for handles. In complete contrast to the speed jump rope, the goal here is to make the rope as heavy as possible, including using metal handles.

Although you might be able to find heavier options on the market, the weight of these ropes is typically between one and five pounds.

The weighted rope comes in a variety of materials for jump ropes. They typically have metal handles and nylon or PVC rope, though this can vary depending on the manufacturer. Given that they can hardly get heavy enough to be included in this category, plastic jump ropes cannot ever be considered weighted jump ropes.

Adjustable Jump Rope

Jump ropes that allow you to change the length of their cable are generally referred to as adjustable jump ropes. They are typically suggested for beginners or for people looking for a jump rope that the whole family can use. You won’t have to worry about whether a cable jump rope that is adjustable is the right length for you because you can make the necessary adjustments whenever you need to. Depending on the type of workouts you intend to do, you can choose between weighted and speed-adjustable jump ropes.

Various kinds, depending on whether the rope is weighted or speed. When compared to weighted ones, speed ones can have an aluminum frame and memory foam to make them heavier. Speed ones are typically made of PVC and are therefore lightweight.

It again depends on whether the rope is speed or weighted. Speed ropes typically weigh less than 0.5 pounds, while weighted ropes do so at a weight of about 1 pound.

Various materials, depending on the manufacturer and the kind of rope.

Cordless Skipping Rope

The cordless jump rope is a unique variant of the common jump rope. As implied by the name, this is a jump rope, but there isn’t a rope to connect the two handles. It’s a fitness industry innovation that helps you get some cardiovascular exercise, just like a regular jump rope does. In essence, it resembles two handles for a jumping rope with counters attached to them.

Since it is neither a PVC jump rope nor a nylon jump rope, defining it as either is difficult. The two rubber balls attached to the ends of the handles serve as resistance and a countdown timer for repetitions, so it differs significantly from a standard jump rope. Additionally, cordless jump ropes can connect to smartphones.

Memory foam-wrapped plastic handles for added comfort.

Typically close to one pound, sort of an in-between option between the weighted.

Depending on the brand, different kinds of material. Typically, the handles are made of plastic or foam, and the weighted balls are made of EVA.

Digital Rope

Jump ropes with a digital counter on the handles, or “digital jump ropes,” are fundamental jump ropes that track how many repetitions you complete. They are an excellent choice for beginners because they are typically heavier than speed jump ropes but lighter than weighted ones.

Typically, the handles are made of plastic with some foam added to them to make them more comfortable. The digital counter that is situated right at the very end, close to where the rope and the handles converge, is the feature that stands out the most about them.

However, there are heavier options on the market. Typically a little under a pound.

You won’t be too off if you refer to the digital rope as a PVC jump rope. The rope itself is frequently made of steel with a PVC cover, and the handles are typically made of plastic.

Metal Skipping Ropes

Metal skipping ropes, which are made for speed, are quite common in the fitness industry, particularly among CrossFit competitors. Steel is the preferred material for metal cable, which is used to make most metal skipping ropes. These skipping ropes, which are used by expert and professional jumpers, are available in a range of diameters and thicknesses.

These speed ropes are quick and do not wear out muscles, making them suitable for competitions. In parks with rubber flooring and gyms with parquet and rubber, wire skipping ropes are advised.

Nylon Coated Skipping Ropes

These ropes are a high-quality nylon-coated variety of speed wire skipping ropes. Sometimes, CrossFit competitors use nylon-coated skipping ropes for the double under exercise. Compared to ultra-thin wires, these speed ropes spin quickly but slightly more slowly.

This cable offers a better feel when spinning the rope, which leads to fewer misses and better control. PVC and nylon-coated speed ropes have a similar structure and appearance. Wires with a nylon coating typically last a lot longer.

Final Thoughts

These are the top seven skipping ropes used by jumpers of various skill levels. These skipping ropes can all be easily purchased on Moglix at wonderful discounted prices and are widely available online. Get hold of the highest-quality ropes available on the website, and use jumping to build a fit and healthy body.


What Type of Jump Ropes is the Best?

There is no ideal jump rope. Which one is best for you will depend on your fitness level, your preferred workout style, and the available space. We advise either a standard rope or a speed rope for beginners.

Yes, getting the best workout possible requires picking the right jump rope.

Yes, getting the best workout possible requires picking the right jump rope.

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