Power Swabs Reviews 2022- Does it Really Works?

Power Swabs Reviews 2022- Does it Really Works?

On a glow-up journey? Power Swabs is a teeth whitening service designed to turn those coffee stains into a glimmering set of pearly whites. Offered as a one-time purchase, members can purchase a 7-day kit that they can use in the comfort of their own homes.

This American business has gained popularity since its founding in 2008 thanks to its successful formulas. Some of its advertisements may have been heard or seen on the radio and television.

A range of teeth-whitening kits is available from Power Swabs. There is enough product in each kit to last for that amount of time.

Power swabs will be the subject of a thorough review today that will assist you in deciding whether to purchase them or not.

What Is Power Swabs?

Power Swabs is a home treatment kit designed to provide professional whitening results without the need for expensive or uncomfortable dental procedures. The average treatment period lasts thirty days, but each application can be completed in as little as five minutes.

Power Swabs’ whitening formula can be applied directly to the teeth with the provided cotton applicators, unlike other products that call for the use of strips or trays. A stain-removal gel for initial treatment and a whitening paste for post-treatment are both included in the mixtures.

In addition to repairing and strengthening tooth enamel, Power Swabs’ formula also lessens uncomfortable sensitivity and improves a user’s long-term dental health. The main ingredient in many similar products, bleach, is absent from the stain removal gel and the whitening paste. Bleach is extremely caustic and will dissolve or break down tooth enamel if used for extended periods of time.

Because the formulas are designed to be used on the teeth and can cause irritation or inflammation if left in contact with other areas for an extended period of time, users should take care to avoid applying this product to the gums, tongue, or cheeks. With a gum care product like Dental Pro 7, it is simple to avoid or lessen both of these side effects as well as many other gum conditions.

Power Swabs are a product that can be used by people of any age or dental health because they work on both natural teeth and a variety of dental prosthetics, including crowns, caps, veneers, and dentures. A growing number of happy customers, including several celebrities and public figures, have purchased the product that was created by working dentists.

Power Swab

Do Power Swabs Have FDA Approval?

Power Swabs is not an FDA-approved brand due to the nature of its product. This is due to the administration’s lack of regulation over teeth-whitening products. Additionally, they pose a low risk when used and are frequently categorized as medical devices and cosmetics. Additionally, we were unable to locate any company statements on their website that demonstrate that they adhere to FDA regulations.

Who’s Power Swabs For?

Anyone regardless of age or gender, who frequently gets stained and discolored can use Power Swabs. Everyone receives immediate results from the product, which has also been clinically shown to be effective on fillings or replacements.

Although there is no risk to an adult if a small amount of the formula is swallowed during treatment, infants are more likely to intentionally swallow larger amounts and could experience serious side effects. As a result, Power Swabs are not recommended for babies or young children. Similar to how it should not be used on other parts of the body, this product should not be used on people who have open sores or cavities in the treated area.

Pros Of Power Swabs

  • Offers two options for its 7-day teeth whitening kits
  • Only needs a couple of minutes to be effective
  • Provides an at-home solution that’s convenient and easy to use
  • More lightweight compared to thick and heavy bleaching gels
  • Free shipping on processing on all orders  

Cons Of Power Swabs

  • The application kit is flimsy and occasionally faulty
  • Many users report results being delayed or the product ineffective altogether
  • Outdated and non-user-friendly website
  • Lack of information on the products and ingredients

Features Of Power Swabs

The main selling point of Power Swabs is how simple and easy it is to use; it takes only two to five minutes to completely apply the formula and no trays, strips, or other equipment are required. Swabbing is done by putting the applicator into the reusable holder and running it over all of the affected teeth’s surfaces.

Depending on the specific condition of the user and the outcomes seen after a few uses, both the stain remover and whitening formulas are easily accessible as refills and can be applied separately. There are additional applicators and holders that can be used with different Power Swabs kits.

Every cotton swab in the holder is mounted in the holder with just one push. It has a plastic shaft. The swabs in more recent kits will already be loaded, so the user won’t even need to measure out the whitening solution before use.

How Do Power Swabs Function?

There’s no need to endure suffering in silence, and we really do mean that. In contrast to other top brands, Power Swabs’ solutions aren’t made to fit inside a mouth tray. Instead, users must use a fine-tipped applicator to apply the bleaching solution.

Formulated with Dr. Giniger’s patented teeth detergent blend, this mix hydrates the enamel while removing those yellow stains. The end result is stunning pearly teeth that will greatly boost your self-confidence.

Despite those drool-inducing mouth trays that require hours of time, the Power Swabs teeth whitener only requires a few minutes per application. There are two sets of formulas in each 7-day kit: The White Swab and the Stain-Out swab.

The bleacher can run for no more than two minutes, compared to the remover’s 30 seconds. You’re done at that point! Just keep in mind that in order to experience the full effects, you must refrain from eating or drinking at this time.

So how exactly do Power Swabs operate? Well, compared to those thick, heavy-weight bleaching gels, this branded formula utilizes a thin whitening agent that’s made with F.A.C.T technology.

Dr. Giniger claims that these products dissolve the molecular bonds separating the stains from the enamel. This Power Swabs white detergent can reach deep within your teeth because it is thickened with air and foam.

The best part about Power Swabs is that its formulas are designed for sensitive teeth. This specific brand of bleaching detergent is made to be gentle on the enamel, which is ideal for people who experience numbing or stinging from hot and cold beverages.

Power Swabs Vs. Hismile

 A comparative dual is now necessary. Which teeth whitening product, in terms of formulation, is superior to the rest: Power Swabs or HiSmile? While it’s advised that you test out each brand for yourself, we’ve put together a list of the key similarities and differences between these two businesses for the time being.

This includes the range of goods offered by each label as well as the costs and other crucial resources they provide. The reader gets to pick the current champion as usual. Without further ado, the following details will be covered in this Power Swabs teeth whitening review:


  • Offers teeth whitening products
  • Semi-reasonable prices
  • Clinically tested and safe for sensitive teeth


  • Power Swabs offers an applicator, while HiSmile provides a mouth tray
  • HiSmile has more products on its website
  • HiSmile offers more information on instructions and ingredients for its formulas
  • Power Swabs has fewer customer reviews compared to its competitor

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose either. Power Swabs’ kits, with the included to-go stick, provide a simple and quick solution to whiter teeth. On the other hand, HiSmile also offers toothpaste and mouthwash, which might serve as convenient for those that want to get their products all in one place.

Cost Of Power Swabs

When it comes to trying out a new product, price is typically the biggest turnoff for consumers. We’ll reiterate the costs for each of their kits in case you skimmed the first half of this Power Swabs teeth whitening review to look at the prices:

  • Intensive Whitening Introductory Kit$60 (originally priced at $100
  • Intensive Whitening Kit: $120 (originally priced at $299)

Some Power Swabs Reviews From Customers

  • “I always felt a mess when I used strips. Along with my teeth being sensitive, they would slide around and make my reluctance to use them. But when I use Power Swabs, I have much more control because I can apply it to each tooth separately, and I see a dramatic, unbelievable result,” one customer wrote on the website.
  • “The Dental Excellence of Blue Bell states that while having the medication contained in the swab itself may be preferable for some people, there is a lot of potential for missing spots and uneven application, which, if the system is successful, will result in splotches and uneven tooth coloring.
  • “After the initial application, I saw no results. I then used the remaining six applications of the whiting product as well as the stain remover. One Amazon customer wrote, “I got the same results, nothing changed at all.
  • “We appreciate the fact that it works on both natural teeth and dental implants and is safe for enamel while not using bleach. According to a statement made by TopTenReviews.com, Power Swabs is highly recommended if you’re looking for a teeth-whitening system that works and is quick and simple to use.

Should You Purchase The Power Swabs?

If you require a quick fix before a date night or if you have an upcoming special occasion and would like a noticeably whiter smile, the Power Swabs at-home teeth whitening treatment is the ideal choice. Single treatments only take five minutes, making it the perfect option for anyone who has limited time for a personal care routine.

There isn’t much mess unless an applicator breaks while being used, but there is a waste because the applicators and kit box need to be disposed of after use. 

Power Swabs are an easy, painless, and inexpensive way to whiten your teeth compared to other teeth whitening products on the market, but the cost will add up if you use them frequently.

We appreciate that it is safe for enamel, free of bleach, and effective on both natural teeth and dental implants. Power Swabs is a teeth-whitening system well worth trying if you’re looking for one that works, is quick, and simple to use.


Power Swabs, which come in a variety of small swabs and are simple to use and store, can provide professional-level whitening results without the need for any uncomfortable procedures or pricey dental visits. The customer will only need to swab the formula for no longer than five minutes a day; immediate results have been reported and the treatment period is rarely longer than thirty days at the longest.

Power Swabs do meet the criteria for a medical product, so users should follow all standard safety procedures before using them. The product shouldn’t be used again without careful consideration and advice from a licensed medical professional if any side effects or allergic reactions are observed.

Power Swabs may be subject to import and distribution limitations as a medicine, so international customers should be aware of these limitations before placing their order.

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