Pop on Veneers Reviews 2022: Is It Worth Your Money?

Pop on Veneers Reviews 2022: Is It Worth Your Money?

Pop On veneers is gaining acceptance and popularity. It turns out that 57% of American adults experience dental insecurity, so if you do as well, know that you’re not alone.

Snap-on tooth veneers known as Pop Ons are non-permanent, reversible, and made of a BPA-free resin that is stain-resistant and molded to the wearer’s teeth. Snap-on veneers can enhance a person’s smile, but they also increase bad breath, cavities, and gum disease.

Following, we’ll walk you through key information regarding the brand and its veneers, demonstrate the process in detail, share feedback, address frequently asked questions, and more. Let’s get started.

Pop on Veneers at a Glance

The NYC lab that produces Pop On Veneers’ veneers has been operating for more than 15 years, despite the company’s official launch in 2020. FDA registered and run by expert technicians, the brand’s lab is operated by professionals with a joint experience of over 75 years.

However, even though the lab made it possible for the Pop On Veneers story to happen, Dr. T, a dentist who started the business after meeting a young patient with small, discolored teeth. She could see how embarrassed the boy was about his teeth—he hardly wanted to speak!

Veneers are also a possibility, but not everyone can afford them and getting them is difficult. In order to assist others like this young boy, Dr. T wanted to create something that was easy to use for everyone who had dental problems.

Located and made in New York, the brand has helped thousands of people regain their confidence. We’ll go over your options and what the procedure entails in more detail in the following section of our Pop On Veneers review. Take a look at these highlights to get a sense of what it’s all about before we go there, though.

Who is Pop on Veneers For?

Have you ever covered your mouth when you laughed or avoided smiling in front of others? It’s fairly typical to feel self-conscious about your teeth, and even people with seemingly perfect chompers sometimes wish they were whiter, straighter, or didn’t have a gap, chip, mark, etc., etc., the list goes on.

Given that your teeth are a prominent feature of your face and that it’s simple to tell when someone is looking at them when you speak, it’s normal to want better teeth. You might become self-conscious as a result. We’ve been there. If you’ve ever felt insecure about your teeth, You might want to think about Pop On Veneers.

If you dislike going to the dentist (does anyone? ), they’re a particularly good idea.!) or who doesn’t want to invest a small fortune in their new smile.

Pros and Cons

Our investigation shows that Pop On Veneers is a great business with customers who are generally pleased with their offerings. However, no snap-on veneer service is perfect, so you should always weigh your options.


  • Professional Lab: An FDA-registered dental laboratory that has been in business for more than 15 years is where Pop On Veneers produces its products. Even though they didn’t start producing snap-on veneers until 2020, they continued working with other appliances.
  • Highly Experienced: Their master technicians have a combined experience of more than 75 years. They oversee the team and put the finishing touches on the veneers, so you benefit from their knowledge and experience.
  • Customization Options: The majority of businesses only offer a very small number of pre-set customization options; typically, there are only a few. Pop On Veneers allows you to get in touch with them with special requests, and they try to fulfill as many as they can.
  • In-Person Scans: Pop On Veneers gives you the option of in-person scans, which are typically the domain of clear aligner providers. Despite the fact that they only have one location, the experience can be made much more convenient if you live close by.


  • One Model: Most businesses offer at least two veneer models, giving you flexibility over factors like robustness, cost, and longevity. Pop On Veneers only offers one design.
  • Sticker Price: The most expensive snap-on veneer provider on the market is by no means Pop On Veneers. They do not, however, offer the best value.
  • Weak Warranty/Guarantee: Their 30-day warranty/guarantee only covers two remakes and has a 30-day expiration date.

How Does Pop on Veneers Work?

Obtaining Pop On Veneers is a simple procedure. And we really mean that—there are just three parts to it:

  1. Order your preferred veneers at PopOnVeneers.com. Your impressions kit will arrive in a couple of days, and you have 45 days to send them back in (return postage included)
  2. Send your impressions back to the lab and they’ll get crafting—this process takes about 2 weeks
  3. Your veneers will be mailed back to your house, where you can immediately put them in.

If you’re wondering how snap-on veneers will feel and fit inside your mouth, they’re custom-made to pop into place and stay secure throughout your day. Your veneers are filed and polished to give you a smile that looks natural by the company’s dental technicians.

Pop on Veneers


You anticipate high quality when purchasing something for several hundred dollars. The fact that Pop On Veneers are strong, cozy, and well-made gives you peace of mind because you don’t want to spend money on something only to have it warp or break within months.


Your snap-on veneers’ quality will depend largely on the materials chosen. While weaker ones may fracture after a few months of use, stronger ones will be able to withstand the forces of your teeth and jaw.

A biocompatible, stain-resistant, and BPA-free material is reportedly used by Pop On Veneers. The veneers are comfortable for all-day wear because they are made to be strong but flexible, though you can also wear them occasionally.


Most snap-on veneer manufacturers offer at least two models—one for daily wear and the other for special occasions. Only one is available from Pop On Veneers, and you can wear it as frequently as you like.

Sadly, the manufacturer isn’t very specific about how long their veneers should last. They believe they should last longer than one month because they offer a 30-day guarantee in support of them. Depending on how frequently you wear them and how well you take care of them, according to their website, veneers can last for years. You can eat while wearing them, but you should stay away from foods with a lot of grit and never wear them to sleep.


Pop On Veneers are made with comfort in mind. According to them, their material maintains its strength at the microscopic level, enabling them to produce veneers that are thinner and more comfortable than those made by many of their rivals. In addition to feeling better, these thin veneers retain some flexibility, which reduces the risk that they will break under biting pressure. There is still a learning curve; it typically takes people a week to get used to wearing their veneers all day. People who wear them infrequently might never get used to them.


Pop On Veneers creates an appliance that fits well overall. Although it’s not unheard of, customers rarely complain when they move out of place. Pop On Veneers usually remakes or modifies them for a better fit when this occurs.


Snap-on veneers aren’t the only option for changing your smile, and they’re also not a long-term solution. Why then would you pick them over the alternatives? Usually, this is due to the fact that snap-on veneers are hundreds or even thousands of dollars less expensive than alternatives like porcelain veneers or dental implants. What will Pop On Veneers cost you, then?

Sticker Price

Pop On Veneers only offers one model, but it comes in two different price ranges: $449 for just one arch and $649 for both. The majority of people get veneers for both dental arches, though, merely to make sure that all of their teeth are uniform.

Compared to conventional cosmetic procedures, this cost is considerably less expensive. For instance, the price of implants is roughly the same as that of porcelain veneers, which can cost up to $2,500 per tooth. Even one of the least expensive conventional options, dental bonding, costs $300 to $600 per tooth. Pop On Veneers cover every tooth, so the savings are even greater than you might expect.

Financing and Discounts

Don’t write off Pop On Veneers if the price is too much to bear up front. It is simple to select the one with the terms that work best for you because they provide a variety of financing options. Simply select the one you desire at the checkout, or opt for none if you prefer to pay in full.

For one arch, the monthly cost is just $36; for both, it is $50. You’ll make four equal payments every two weeks if you choose ZIP. Affirm divides it into twelve monthly payments, Partial.ly offers 16 weekly payments, and Klarna divides it into either six or four payments. You’ll pay the first installment or down payment for each plan on the day your order is placed.

Pop On Veneers provides discounts in addition to financing. You can frequently get $50 to $100 off your order by using the codes on their page, though they are not consistently available.

Insurance Coverage

Cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by dental insurance. Asking isn’t going to hurt you, but be prepared for them to say no. If you have an HSA or FSA account, you might be able to use those funds to pay for Pop On Veneers. However, you should first confirm with your account administrator.


As a cosmetic tool, the appearance of Pop On Veneers is very significant. It is the highest priority for many people. While it’s natural to worry about that “Halloween costume” look, Pop On Veneers offers individualized, natural-looking products.


No snap-on veneer can accurately replicate the look of your natural teeth. Because of their thin material, Pop On Veneers comes pretty close. As a result, you avoid the oddly bulky appearance some veneers have and your teeth remain roughly the same size.


Three colors—natural white, Hollywood white, and mature tan—are available for Pop On Veneers’ appliances. While Hollywood white gives you an exceptionally bright smile, natural white is best for the majority of everyday situations. Adults who want to have a smile that looks appropriate for their age should get a mature tan. For the purpose of maintaining their color, the company seals each set of veneers before shipping.

Natural Appearance

A semi-realistic appearance is what snap-on veneers should always provide. Pop On Veneers, though, goes a step further than most to produce goods that look natural. Their technicians emphasize the ridges between the teeth and the smoothness at the gum line while finishing all the fine detailing with hand tools. They lack texture, which contrasts with natural enamel, but other than that, they appear quite realistic.

Missing Teeth

Pop On Veneers go all the way back, covering the molars as well; many snap-on veneers only cover the teeth visible when smiling. They will therefore fill in any gaps, wherever they may be. To keep the color consistent across the veneers, the company also fills in the empty space with a unique substance.

Customer Support

The aforementioned factors all contribute to Pop On Veneer’s overall customer experience, but it’s also critical to focus on the smaller particulars. Refund policies, guarantees, and other details can really make or break your experience.

Guarantees, Warranties, and Cancellations

If your impression kit has not yet shipped, you may still cancel your Pop On Veneers order. Afterward, depending on your position in the process at that point, you might be able to stop the production of your veneers. Pop On Veneers offers a 30-day warranty on all of its products. But it’s unclear what the terms mean. Here’s what their website states:

  • “We provide a 30-day warranty after you receive your veneers so that you have time to assess them and make sure you’re happy.”
  • If you’re not satisfied, what happens? They mention another 30-day promise elsewhere on their site, but it is unclear if this is the warranty or a 30-day guarantee. Here’s what they have to say:
  • “Your satisfaction with your new smile is our primary concern. Therefore, within 30 days of delivery, we give you the choice to remake or repair your Pop On Veneers up to two times. If your teeth have undergone any type of modification since your impressions were taken, remakes are not possible.”

These terms are fairly commonplace. We would prefer a longer coverage period, and we are interested in knowing what happens if you receive two remakes and the problem persists.

Refund Policy

If your impression kit has not yet shipped, you are eligible for a full refund. You can request a refund for the cost of the veneers minus $49 to cover the cost of the impression kit once it has occurred and provided they have not begun manufacturing your veneers. If you signed up for a financing plan, they might also charge you a processing fee. No refunds are guaranteed once your veneers are in production, though the business may decide to do so in some circumstances.

Customer Service Responsiveness

In general, Pop On Veneers’ customer service staff is quite accommodating and responsive. Their contact information includes phone, email, contact form, and social media. They claim to be accessible seven days a week on their website, but they don’t provide specific hours. Simply get in touch with them when you need something, and you should hear back within a day.

Pop on Veneers Vs. Other Snap-On Veneers

Pop On Veneers is an excellent business that prioritizes quality without asking you to forgo your budget. Nevertheless, they are not the only company offering snap-on veneers. Here are three additional businesses you should think about.

Removable Veneers USA

Consider Removable Veneers USA if you intend to use snap-on veneers for a long time. Their Premium Plus model has a ten-year lifespan. Just be aware that, as opposed to the usual three, their veneers are available in just two colors.

Shiny Smile

One of the top snap-on veneer suppliers on the market is Shiny Smile. They are reasonably priced, strong, and have a natural appearance. Cons: They only offer one model, similar to Pop On Veneers.


Customer service is the best benefit of using TruSmile. In order to make you feel at ease, they really walk you through each step of the procedure. They might be the best company for you if this is your first foray into the world of snap-on veneers.

Can You Eat With Pop on Veneers? 

You shouldn’t eat with Pop On veneers just because you can. The Pop On veneer website claims that you can eat with them, but I have some reservations about that claim.

Eating can cause food and sugar to become trapped beneath Pop-On or snap-on veneers, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

As I’ve already stated, snap-on veneers prevent saliva from removing bacteria and food particles that cause cavities and gum disease.

Not to mention that stuck food will begin to break down and potentially cause bad breath.

Please clean your snap-on veneers after eating if you are wearing them!

Possible Detrimental Side Effects of Pop on Veneers

It is crucial to be aware of the negative side effects of wearing Pop On veneers or any other type of snap-on veneers if you’re considering getting them. Below you can find a list of how Pop On and snap-on veneers can cause issues;

1. Alter Bite (how Teeth Come Together)

The lack of supervision by a qualified dental professional is one of the snap-on veneers’ biggest drawbacks in my opinion. The patient is not in the chair receiving the snap-on veneers, so the dentist can make sure they fit properly, don’t press against the gums, and don’t exert too much force on the teeth, which could lead to tooth movement, chipping, and cracking.

2. Increase in Cavities/Tooth Decay and Tooth Stain

As was previously mentioned in this post, while wearing veneers, food and bacteria manage to get between the veneers and the teeth where saliva cannot adequately rinse the teeth. Cavities, tooth decay, and tooth discoloration rise as a result.

3. Bad Breath

Although gum disease, trapped food particles, and poor oral hygiene are all linked to wearing snap-on veneers, cavities can also cause bad breath. Anyone who is around someone with bad breath finds it unpleasant.

Snap-on veneers can be purchased in some situations, but for some people that is not an option.

Benefits of Pop on Veneers

When it comes to having access to cosmetic dentistry, Pop On Veneers occasionally represent the only option available.

A complete overhaul of the teeth by a dental professional is very expensive and occasionally completely unaffordable.

This must be understood, and we must recognize the advantages they can offer those without access to medical care.

Since I experienced a life-changing smile myself, I am aware of when people experience this, especially when missing or damaged teeth are replaced. For the majority of people, smiling fully significantly boosts confidence.

A person’s overall well-being can be negatively impacted by missing, improperly aligned, or chipped teeth, which can also make it difficult to find employment and lead to anxiety or depression.

If Pop On Veneers or snap-on veneers are the only option, I always advise scheduling a dental hygiene appointment first to ensure the impressions taken for these Pop On Veneers are accurate and they can help to make the mouth healthier.

Too much plaque buildup will affect how the Pop On veneers fit over the teeth. Having a complete oral hygiene assessment is essential because a dental professional should address the health of the teeth and gums to ensure a proper foundation for the snap-on veneers.

Additionally, if a cavity is discovered after the impressions are taken, it may need to be filled. If this is done, the snap-on veneers won’t fit as well and may place too much pressure on the teeth, leading to problems.


Who Owns Pop on Veneers?

PopOnSmiles, LLC has trademarked the name. According to reports, Dr. T officially launched it in 2020, so she might also have a stake in the business.

Does Pop on Veneers Ship Internationally?

Right now, Pop On Veneers only ships within the USA and to its territories. Since there is a lot of back and forth during the shipping process, this keeps things as simple as possible.

What is Pop on Veneers’ Shipping Policy?

Shipping from Pop On Veneers typically takes 7 business days to reach your door. Currently, the brand is providing a free upgrade that expedites the delivery of your impression kit to and from their lab and your home to 2 business days. Shipping is free.

Remember that it will take 2 weeks for your custom veneers to be made after your impression is returned to the lab. If you need them right away, select Rush at the checkout to get them in a week.

If you live in or around New York City, you can always visit the shop and do your impression in person. This will spare you the hassle of having to send them back and wait for shipping. Before you leave, Pop On Veneers’ in-house designers will make sure you have the proper impression and fit.

What is Pop on Veneers’ Return Policy?

Choosing the proper color and fit for your veneers is crucial because your smile conveys a lot about you. All of the brand’s pop-ons come with a satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day warranty.

Within that time, you can test out your new veneers at home, and if they’re not exactly what you were hoping for, you can return them for a refund minus a processing fee. The fees vary from $50-$210 depending on your purchase.

If when you try on your veneers and you find you need a different fit, you have two opportunities to get them remade. The company will give you a discount on another pair if you need one in a different color.

Final Thoughts on Pop on Veneers

To cover up blemishes in your smile, Pop On Veneers are a fantastic option. They allow you to enjoy everyday wear at a reasonable price and are produced in an FDA-registered laboratory with over 15 years of experience. However, not everyone will find their veneers suitable. Traditional cosmetic dentistry is required if you have too many missing teeth, a fixed appliance, or want to make permanent dental changes.

Made from quality, durable materials and designed to last for years, Pop On Veneers are painless, convenient, and look great. Additionally, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test them out at home and request a refund if they don’t meet your expectations in full.

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