Monat Reviews 2022 – Pros, Cons, And Complete Guide

Monat Reviews 2022 – Pros, Cons, And Complete Guide

Skin, hair, and pet care products are sold by Monat, a network marketing business. But before registering to buy or sell Monat products, many customers should think twice given the unfavorable customer feedback and numerous ongoing legal battles.

Although Monat hair and skin care products have a sizable and ardent fan base, there is little proof that they can live up to their promises of giving you the healthiest hair and skin ever.

But is it really good? For more details, read our entire article about Monat reviews. Let’s start.

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What Is Monat?

A company called MONAT, which stands for “Mother Nature,” sells hair, skin, and pet care products and positions itself as a “global leader in naturally based, anti-aging innovation.” The company says its multi-marketing platform, through which it sells its goods, “enhances the self-confidence and financial well-being of one million families around the world each year.”

You should always turn to Monat for high-end skincare and hair products. This online cosmetics business, which is renowned for its high-end formulas, uses naturally occurring ingredients like organic sugar cane and sunflower oil.

With a steady following of over 63.3K on Instagram, Monat seems to be a frequent mention in notable media outlets, including Business Wire, US Weekly, and Healthline.

Is it worth treating yourself to their products despite all the hype, or is it all just flash and glam? Continue reading to learn more about Monat Hair and how this review will assist readers in making that important choice by examining their company mission, best-sellers, customer reviews, promotions, and more.

Product Line Of Monat

Three categories make up the offerings from MONAT: hair, skin, and pet products. A sample of what is offered is provided below.


  • The intensive Rejuenique Oil: This blend of more than 13 plant extracts and essential oils works to improve both skin and hair, $99 ($84 VIP)
  • Inner Force Restructuring Serum: This dual treatment serum restructures hair at the base to restore damage from styling, coloring, and over forms of over-processing, $75 ($64 VIP)
  • Shampoo with Advanced Hydration: A sulfate-free shampoo and cleanses and hydrates hair for extra bounce and texture, $38 ($32 VIP)
  • The MONAT Studio One Blow Out Cream is A heat-protecting cream that reduces styling time and prolongs the life of your style without loading your hair up with silicones, $34 ($29 VIP)


  • Creamy Cleanser Be Gentle: A delicate daily facial cleanser that washes away dirt while nourishing your skin, so it feels hydrated, $45 ($38 VIP)
  • Berry Refined Scrub: An exfoliator mask that brightens your skin and removes rough patches with AHAs and cranberry seeds, $58 ($49 VIP)
  • Age Control Nectar Rewind: A fast-absorbing hydrating serum that works to delay and repair signs of aging through a blend of hyaluronic acid and superfruit AHAs, $120 ($102)
  • The Be Gentle Nourishing Moisturizer A hydrating cream that contains plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid to restore skin elasticity for a younger appearance, $68 ($58 VIP)


  • Dog Wash with Gentle Cleansing: A mild, pH-balanced shampoo that eliminates smells and dirt for a cleaner pet, $32 ($27 VIP)
  • Deodorant Freshen Up Spray A natural-based, lightweight formula to deodorize pets between baths by killing odor-causing bacteria, $22 ($19 VIP)

Who Is Monat Used For?

Due to its marketing and given price, Monat seems to vibe with the older, upper-middle-class generation. The brand doesn’t take many steps to appeal to the younger demographic, as evidenced by the layout of its website and the way its products are packaged.

This company is intended for those who can afford to spend $40 to $100 on hair and skin care goods. It’s also worth noting that Monat can appeal to all genders, as most of their products are optimized for all hair and skin types.

Is Monat FDA-approved? 

We discovered after searching through their website that some of the ingredients they use, including colorants, have FDA approval. The administration has not necessarily approved Monat products as a whole, despite this. Although unreliable, some online sources claimed that they were not approved by any official authorities within the Food and Drug ministry.

This review of Monat’s hair turned up some dubious claims that the business had misrepresented FDA approval on its website. We recommend reading up on a few articles online for more information on this.

Ist Monat Wirklich All-natural?

No. Monat is not considered “all-natural”. It is, however, naturally based.

There is a difference. The term “all-natural” seems to be thrown around a lot these days and the truth is, most people don’t even understand what it means.

So if you’ll indulge me here for a moment, would you?

The absence of preservatives in the products is essentially what is meant by the term “all-natural.”

This indicates that any goods marketed as “all-natural” would have a very short shelf life. Due to the difficulty in achieving it and the numerous restrictions that come with it, very few hair products on the market are completely natural.

For instance, these products would have to be express shipped and cold packed if they were to be entirely all-natural.

Without even considering that shipping would need to be kept in your refrigerator, that would make it difficult for anyone to afford.


Is Monat Harmful?

Not at all. Monat products are completely safe. They could be the best thing that has ever happened to your hair if used correctly and regularly.

Not one, not two, but three separate clinical studies confirmed that Monat hair products are not only efficient but also do not harm or break hair.

Independent clinical studies found that Monat products improved hair condition.

Pros And Cons Of Monat


  • Wide product selection
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Great for long-term use on dyed or bleached hair
  • It lets users go longer between haircuts for split ends


  • Minimal clinical evidence about the product’s effectiveness
  • Pricier than other retailers
  • Customer complaints of dry hair, hair loss
  • Network distributor program likely won’t make you money
  • Difficult return process
  • Skincare products led to bleeding, and scabs for some users

Ingredients Of Monat Products

There aren’t many specific statements made by MONAT about the efficacy of its products, and we couldn’t find a lot of clinical data to support these claims.

The company website claims that all MONAT products are pure, safe, and made from natural ingredients. Because they contain “rich formulations of ingredients designed to work in harmony with each other,” the company claims that their products stand out from those of other naturally minded businesses.”

The following are some examples of the specialty ingredients used in these products:

Rejuvenique: A proprietary mixture of more than 13 different organic plant extracts and essential oils, according to MONAT, is excellent for skin and hair care due to its high concentration of omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

A closer look reveals that it also contains oils from meadowfoam, tomatoes, carrots, lemons, limes, bergamots, African baobabs, moriche palms, coconuts, gardenias, moringas, and you’re nuts.

Capixyl: Water, butylene glycol, dextran, acetyl tetrapeptide, and clover flower extract work together as an emollient to thicken and strengthen your hair while promoting growth.

Procataline: This all-natural antioxidant mixture, which contains pea extract and is intended to combat oxidative stress, It functions to encourage strong hair follicles, preserving your hair’s natural or artificial coloring and thinning-prevention measures.

Crodasorb: This substance is said to shield your hair from UV rays, maintain the color of your skin, and maintain the strength of each strand.

One or more of these ingredients will be present in the majority of MONAT’s products, though not all of them. Only the Rejuvenique oil combination is specific to MONAT products out of these four, though. Other hair and skincare brands will also contain them.

Additionally, according to the company, its products don’t contain formaldehyde releasers, parabens, cyclic silicones, BHT, phthalates, plastic microbeads, or phenoxyethanol.

Price And Refund Information Of Monat

Direct purchases of MONAT products can be made through the business website. When you are prepared to check out, you must select one of the following options:

  • Retail: No charge; regular ordering. Only after receiving your credit card number does the company specify shipping costs.
  • VIP: $19.99 one-time signup fee, qualify for free shipping, 15% off listed prices, access to exclusive offers, referral rewards, and an annual birthday treat. Make three orders totaling $84 or more in order to keep your VIP status. This can be accomplished at any time.
  • Market Partner: $99 signup fee plus $19.99 annual fee, includes all benefits of The chance to sell MONAT products, make money, and develop your own business while also receiving VIP membership. After that, in order to get started, you must buy one of the available Product Packs: Success ($399, 56 samples), Business ($299, 35 samples), or Overachiever ($599, 70 samples).

You must first choose your current Market Partner or ask for one to be assigned to you in your area if you decide to complete your purchase as a standard retail customer.

For 30-days following delivery of a product, every customer will be eligible for a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee (less return shipping). After that, VIP clients may return unopened goods for a slightly diminished refund.

For assistance with returns or general account information, call (888) 867-9987 or send a message to customer support at [email protected].

How Frequently Should You Use Monat To Wash Your Hair?

Customers should plan their shower routines based on the type of hair they have, says the company’s website. For instance, it’s best to use Monat’s shampoos and conditioners every day if you occasionally have oily roots.

This Monat hair review also found out that users should normally clean their hair at least 3 or 4 times a week. It ultimately relies on trial and error, just like the majority of hair care formulas. To test whether Monat’s products are effective at keeping those roots clean and healthy, we advise switching up your shower routine.

Is It Right To Become A Monat Distributor?

Through a network marketing program, MONAT sells its goods. To put it another way, you can apply to become a distributor and possibly earn money by selling MONAT products.

You will receive a customized online store for simple selling when you sign up to be a market partner. You won’t have to worry about maintaining inventory because MONAT will ship all products directly to your customers.

There are numerous methods to begin making money, including the following:

  • Make a 30% commission on all retail sales and 15% commission on VIP sales you are directly responsible for
  • Earn product pack bonuses for every Market Partner you sponsor who purchases Product Packs
  • Earn a sales percentage for all the sales made within your network
  • Earn bonuses for all new VIP shoppers you enroll
  • Receive a bonus when you advance up a sales rank

Customer Reviews On Monat

Products from MONAT are rated 2.9 stars out of five by about 2,750 Trustpilot users. Some of their remarks have been distilled for you below.

  • “Some of the top haircare items I’ve ever used are from Monat. They are one of the worst businesses I’ve ever dealt with, if not the worst.”
  • “For five months after purchasing it, I used it. My neck and head began to itch, and I developed sores there. I thought I had developed a dye allergy because I also dye my hair. “
  • “I think this encourages more hair growth and adds volume to my hair, but I MUST use a lot of conditioners because it makes hair knotted and coarse. That might be the case if the hard water in our region is added. I’m not sure, but if my hair wasn’t properly conditioned, I might be tearing it out to get the knots out!”
  • “Despite being somewhat pricey, it doesn’t contain plastic like some of the more affordable brands that can be found at drug stores, Walmart, etc.”
    decent quality.although I’ve discovered that I need to use conditioner with it. otherwise, my hair doesn’t feel as soft.
  • “As I get older, my hair is becoming thinner. I’m the ideal customer for this product.”
  • “I’ve used this product for more than three years. I started using Monat because I was losing so much hair after shampooing. I had to thin in several spots. My hair finally started to grow in after about six months. In those areas, new hair has grown in to give my hair more volume. It really does work.”

Monat Vs. Oribe

Ring the gong; it’s time for a quick fight between two high-end cosmetics companies. This Monat hair review will contrast this company with Oribe to enable readers to make a more informed choice. We’ll skim over their selection of products, the suggested retail prices, and the potency of their formulas.

Numerous tried-and-true formulas, including high-end shampoos and hair oils, are available from Oribe. Despite their high cost, it appears that many consumers and professional dressers adore their high-quality products. This is especially thanks to their conditioners and sprays, which were excellent at adding volume and taming frizz.

However, Monat does have a distinct advantage when it comes to products. They also have skincare products in addition to hair formulas. However, few customers have given this company kudos for their potent shampoos and conditioners. This is not good news for the business or the price of their products.

Is Monat Worth It?

One is that the company is evasive about the benefits of its products, and we were unable to locate much clinical evidence supporting their efficacy. Regarding the brand’s unique ingredients, there isn’t a lot of information available.

Second, despite being around for a relatively short time, the business has been sued quite a bit. Customers’ complaints can range from mild dissatisfaction with the results of their hair treatments to rage at the fact that they were losing significant amounts of hair and having to deal with a painful, bloody scalp.

Last but not least, MONAT is evasive about the profitability of its network marketing program and requires distributors to commit to spending hundreds of dollars on free samples before they can start. You could earn as much as $1,200 for your $300–$600 investment over the course of a year, assuming no expenses. That hardly seems like a way to become wealthy.

MONAT products don’t generally have the best reputation, and mounting evidence suggests they may even harm your hair. We advise you to carefully consider your decision before committing to this brand, whether you’re buying or selling.


What Are The Return Policies For Monat?

For regular customers, VIP members, and market partners, Monat has a comprehensive return policy. As a general rule, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of their products.

In some cases, Monat will pay the associated shipping charges. Contact the company’s customer service department to start the returns procedure.

What Is The Shipping Policy For Monat?

According to this review of Monat’s hair, the company ships to a variety of nations, including Canada, the United States, and Ireland. The brand may charge you extra for standard or express delivery, depending on your order total.

Thankfully, they will give customers a tracking number to find their order.

Is Monat Both Vegan And Cruelty-free?

Yes, Monat is vegan and free of animal testing, according to their website. They are also certified by Leaping Bunny.

Where Is Monat Made?

According to this Monat hair review, their hair care products are made in the US. Although we don’t know where their skincare formulas are made, we do know that their headquarters are in Florida.

Does Monat Truly Promote Hair Growth?

Yes and no, according to some customers who claim Monat products are essential for adding thickness and volume to hair. Others claim that after repeated use, it caused their hair to fall out.

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