Is Bong Water Good For Plants? What Are Some Alternatives To Bong Water for Plants?

Is Bong Water Good For Plants? What Are Some Alternatives To Bong Water for Plants?

It is unwise to water your plants with contaminated bong water. Some people may think the idea is absurd, but others are convinced it has a positive effect on their plants. Bong water is essentially water that has resin, mold, and bacteria added to it; this water won’t support the growth of your plants. In fact, the bong water will completely halt plant growth.

So, whether bong water is beneficial to plants or not. The full breakdown of using bong water for indoor plants can be found below.

What is Bong Water?

People smoke marijuana using bongs, which are pipes. The apparatus starts by adding clean water to the base of the construction, followed by dry plant material where you would place a lighter. The smoker inhales the smoke produced by the burning dry material. The bong water is the liquid that remains at the bottom of the bong.

Typically, bongwater is made up of ash, resin, bacteria, THC, and CBD along with some contaminated water. Old bong water that has been sitting for a while turns into stagnant water, which encourages excessive bacterial growth at the bottom.

What’s in Bong Water?

Bong water may contain the following:

• Tar
• Ash
• Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
• Naphthalene
• Acrylamide
• Acrylonitrile
• Carbon monoxide
• Carbon dioxide

Is Bong Water Good for Plants?

It’s interesting that bong water works similarly to plants in terms of how it affects people. Therefore, the effects on a plant’s health are typically the same as they are on human health. While bong water may contain decomposing plant matter, it is primarily packed with germs and occasionally bacteria that could kill your plant. According to its pH scale, bong water’s acidic content is frequently high. And your plants won’t benefit from this at all.

There is no scientific evidence to support the claims made by some farmers that bong water has helped their plants grow and produce well. The risks of using bong water to water your plants have been demonstrated by research.

What is the Best Thing to Do With Bong Water?

Although you could mix bong water with a compost pile, there isn’t much use for it because the bacteria and plant matter in the mixture can hasten the degeneration of your plant. However, there is also no proof to be found anywhere that bong water affects compositing either negatively or favorably.

It is best to flush bong water down the toilet; there should be absolutely no hesitation in doing this until research exists to contradict today’s assertions. In order to answer the frequently asked question, “Is bong water good for plants?” we wrote this article.

Is Bong Water Good For Plants? What Are Some Alternatives To Bong Water for Plants?

What Are Some Alternatives to Bong Water for Plants?

Distilled Water

Other than water, distilled water is completely empty. The absence of chlorine and other comparable chemicals found in tap water means that it is free of these substances.

Rain Water

Due to its low cost, rainwater is ideal for plants. Nevertheless, depending on where you live, some rainwater won’t be as pure as others. If you’re worried about the quality of the local rainwater, you might want to leave a bucket outside to collect the water and test it for toxins.

Bottled Water

Due to its superior cleanliness over tap water, bottled water is beneficial to plants. Bottled water doesn’t contain fluoride or chlorine, which can be harmful to plants, unlike tap water. While bottled water is a good option for plants, it can get pricey.

Tap Water

For convenience’s sake, novice plant growers will irrigate their plants directly with tap water. Even though tap water is beneficial, it’s generally advised against using it to shock plants because it can. Before giving the water to your plants to drink, think about letting it sit out for a few hours.

Rice Water

Use the water from your rice cooking on plants if you have any leftovers. What initially seems crazy isn’t true. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are all vital nutrients that plants require, and they are all present in rice water.

Conclusion: Not A Good Idea

In conclusion, it is not a good idea to use bong water on plants. If you dump bong water directly on plants, the toxic chemicals in it could harm them severely. Due to the resin in bong water, the toxins interfere with plant growth and can also prevent the roots from accessing nutrients.

However, you can use bong water in your compost pile to fertilize houseplants. When you can use that pile as fertilizer, the natural decomposition of materials like eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags, and more is sped up thanks to the water from the bong.


Where Should I Dump My Bong Water?

When your bong filters your smoke, toxins, tar, and ash are captured in the water. The fungus, bacteria, and germs that can develop in your stagnant bong water only serve to increase the danger of these toxins. Therefore, the drain is the best place to empty your bong water.

What is the Stuff in Bong Water?

Smoke is drawn through the water in the chamber when you use a bong to smoke dry herbs. This water serves as a filter, drawing some toxins, tar, and organic cannabinoids out of the smoke. Your bong water picks up these substances, along with ash and burnt plant fragments.

Can Dirty Bong Water Kill You?

Drinking bong water can make you very ill, but there isn’t much proof that it can kill you. It’s likely that drinking bong water will make you sick, have diarrhea, feel lightheaded, or get a bad headache. Avoid experimenting with drinking bong water.

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