How to Make Your Voice Deeper? 7 Tips

How to Make Your Voice Deeper? 7 Tips

In formal or professional settings, you might have observed yourself or others speaking with a bolder, deeper tone. They do this because a low, resonant voice is perceived as having power, legitimacy, and dependability. But how to make your voice deeper?

Each man has a different definition of what it means to be a man. Being secure in your identity is crucial for some people. Others care more about their behavior and how they come across to the outside world.

We will introduce seven tips below to help you get a deeper voice.

What Can I Do to Make My Voice Deeper?

Men can practice a variety of exercises to speak with a deeper pitch, though their implementation will depend on the individual and their specific objectives. While it is impossible to permanently alter your voice without medical intervention, you can speak with a deeper pitch. Raval advises that in order to avoid unintentionally injuring the vocal folds, anyone looking to adjust their tone or vocal register should first seek the advice of a speech therapist or voice coach.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

It’s possible that the way you normally breathe has an effect on how your voice sounds. Then, while slowly exhaling, say something. Try taking a deep breath through your nose, pushing the air all the way in and as far down as you can. While you speak, there should be a vibration. You might be able to control your voice pitch by using this technique, which is well-liked by actors and singers.

Blowing Bubbles

At some point, all of us have idly blown bubbles into a soda or milkshake using a straw. Turns out, this is a widely used “reset” for the voice. The straw technique reportedly stretches and relaxes the vocal cords, according to the National Center for Voice and Speech. Your voice may become stronger and less likely to become raspy or hoarse with its aid.

Yawning and Sighing

It can help to speak more slowly and aspiratedly, as if through a sigh, to lower your voice’s pitch. Using the voiced sigh after a protracted yawn will allow you to descend the scales to a lower tone. Husky, breathy voices are among the most attractive in men, which is an advantage in this situation.

Drink More Water

This section is much more significant than you might realize, so please don’t skip it. You are aware that the size of your vocal chords plays a role in determining the depth of your voice? Your vocal chords actually become smaller when dehydrated. Vocal chords become thinner and more squeaky due to the loss of water, which is equivalent to a loss of mass.

A startling fact is that most people are dehydrated. According to a recent study, 75% of Americans consume significantly less than the daily recommended amount. This, once more, results in a majority of people speaking louder than they should.

Drink Water

Mind the Airflow

When there is adequate airflow to produce good sound, voice cords perform better. You can practice a well-known exercise that only requires a straw to perform to learn how to train your voice to be deeper.

This practice will help you discover how to use your breath as a tool to make your voice sound more profound and more “vibratory” Controlling your airflow and voice pitch will improve as you exercise more.


By warming up your voice with humming, you can exert more control over it. Try inhaling deeply, humming for as long as you can, and then adjusting your tone by once more moving down the scales.


There are three different types of inflection: upward, neutral, and downward. While upward inflection can make every sentence sound like a question, neutral inflection produces a robotic, monotonous manner of speaking. On the other hand, aiming for a downward inflection can make your voice sound deeper because you’re ending the sentence at a lower pitch.

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The Connection Between Deep Voice and Success

There are a variety of ways that speaking with a deeper voice can make you more successful at work. People pay attention to those with deep voices. At some point during their career, everyone has encountered this. If a person has a deep voice, there is no need for them to be shouting at their subordinates. Instead, they sound like a leader who stands out from the crowd.

These dependable social skills are necessary for businesses to succeed. Leaders should be respected and given a chance to speak. It would be difficult for someone who doesn’t have a deep voice to convey this level of respect. Short, crystal-clear, and deep voice narration is preferable when working.


Now that you know the trick to permanently deepening your voice, Warmth and expression are qualities you want in your voice.

In order for people to understand what you’re saying, it should also be easy on the ears, carry well, and have a variety of natural pitches.

By being mindful and aware, positioning your body properly, and engaging in voice-deepening exercises, you can make your voice deeper.

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