Easy Yoga Poses for 3 People: Beginners’ Guide

Easy Yoga Poses for 3 People: Beginners’ Guide

A great way to improve your yoga practice and strengthen relationships with friends or family members is by using simple yoga poses for three people. Yoga classes with other people can enhance your sense of community, support, and accountability. In this essay, we’ll go over some simple yoga poses that you can do with a friend or a loved one.

What is Acro Yoga?

Yoga that incorporates both acrobatics and yoga is known as acro yoga. One person serves as the base, another as the flyer, and a spotter is used to ensure safety in this partner-based practice. The flyer strikes various poses and moves in the air as the base lays on their back, supporting the flyer’s weight with their feet.

Stretching, mindfulness, and breathing exercises are all included in acro yoga, as well as acrobatic maneuvers like flips, lifts, and balances. Physically demanding, it calls for strength, flexibility, balance, and mutual trust between partners.

With each partner switching roles as the base, flyer, and spotter, acro yoga is typically performed in pairs. Developing relationships with others, trust and communication skills, as well as physical stamina and coordination, can all be done in a playful and enjoyable way through this activity.

Benefits of 3 Person Yoga Poses

There are several benefits of 3 person yoga poses, including:

  • Increased balance and stability: Yoga poses for three people require all participants to cooperate and support one another in order to maintain balance, which can enhance overall coordination and stability.
  • Strengthening of muscles: As each person assumes a different role and position, three-person yoga poses can aid in strengthening various muscle groups in the body.
  • Improved communication and trust: 3 person yoga poses require effective communication, trust and collaboration between all three individuals. This can strengthen bonds and improve communication abilities.
  • Enhanced flexibility and range of motion: As people cooperate to stretch and hold various poses, practicing 3 person yoga poses can increase flexibility and range of motion.
  • Increased mindfulness and relaxation: As they concentrate on their breath and movements while collaborating with others, three-person yoga poses can help people become more present and mindful.

In conclusion, 3 person yoga poses can provide a distinctive and rewarding yoga experience while also enhancing physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Easy 3 Person Yoga Poses

It’s not necessarily advisable for newcomers to yoga to attempt challenging three-person yoga challenges or acroyoga poses right away. Start off easy instead, with some jobs that are much simpler to land.

These poses are a good way to get started because they don’t call for intricate acrobatics. You might want to designate one person to act as a sort of facilitator, directing the session and offering advice.

Back-to-Back Lotus Circle

Easy Yoga Poses for 3 People: Beginners' Guide

Sit on the yoga mat in a comfortable position with your backs to the mat and your knees touching.

Bring your hands up above your head as you take a deep breath.

Place one hand on the partner’s left leg and the other on the partner’s right leg as you exhale.

As you assume the circle of the lotus position, you should feel your back lengthen and chest fully open.

You can close your eyes and focus only on the present moment, or you can sync your breath.

Downward Dog L-Shape Pose

Easy Yoga Poses for 3 People: Beginners' Guide

It can be challenging to practice the downward dog position with three people.

Try the flying downward-facing dog or the downward dog pyramid pose if you’ve practiced trio yoga. Acro beginners should focus on the L-shaped group pose.

Slow down and remember to tell your partners if you start to feel unsteady because this pose is still challenging.

The partner holding the strongest core will assume the half-dog position at the front of the mat for this yoga pose.

The next yoga practitioner will stand with their feet on either side of the base’s arms. They will then slowly raise both feet to the first yogi’s back in the shape of a half-L while folding forward and placing their hands on the mat.

The final partner will proceed in a similar manner, but with their back aligned with their arms to form a full L shape.

Once your partner is at ease, exert a little more pressure on their back to encourage them to extend their stretch.

Triple Forward Fold

Easy Yoga Poses for 3 People: Beginners' Guide

Your backs should be tightly pressed together as you stand upright on your mat.

Take a deep breath in and raise your arms to the sky while feeling your neck, shoulders, and spine stretch.

One vertebra at a time, release as you exhale by hinging at the hips and gently folding forward.

You can hold hands with your partners or grab onto your toes once you’ve reached your limit.

Take a moment to breathe here before rising in the same manner, keeping your back straight and core engaged the entire time.

3-Way Dancer Pose

Easy Yoga Poses for 3 People: Beginners' Guide

facing your partners, form a circle.

When you’re ready, extend your right leg back and shift your weight to the left.

Grab your ankle firmly and raise it toward the sky by extending your right arm back to meet your leg.

To add more support, lengthen your arms to the middle and grab hold of your partner’s hands as you lift your leg up.

Here, take a few deep breaths and feel your body stabilize and expand.

Challenging 3 Person Yoga Poses

Three-Person Flying Plank Press

Easy Yoga Poses for 3 People: Beginners' Guide

Here’s another way to do the plank press. This pose adds a second body to lean against the base’s feet rather than having the flyer balance solely on the base’s feet. They can then reach much higher altitudes off the ground than they could with just two people thanks to that person’s ability to hold the flyer aloft. Undoubtedly one of the coolest yoga poses for three people!

Double Front Plank

Easy Yoga Poses for 3 People: Beginners' Guide

If you look closely, this one is actually quite challenging. In this position, the base is supporting each partner with one hand and one foot. His feet are oddly positioned on the woman’s hips, which is interesting. Because of this, they cannot be held up in the middle.

How do they manage to stay up then? They are pressing down hard into the base’s hands, and the base is pressing back up hard in response. Second, they are practically one combined platform rather than two separate platforms because of how tightly their arms are encircling each other.

Flying Downward Facing Dog

Easy Yoga Poses for 3 People: Beginners' Guide

Anyone interested in a flying down dog? Consider how much of a rush it will be to perform the traditional Down Dog position seven feet in the air if you’re tired of it. The best way to accomplish this three-person pose is for the bases to slowly raise the flyer into the air while starting from a crouching position. You’re now practicing authentic acro yoga!


In conclusion, practicing yoga with others can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and these simple yoga poses for three people can help you improve your technique while strengthening your relationships with friends or family. So why not practice these poses with a few friends? You two might just discover a new favorite activity to do together.

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