Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? Not Really

Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? Not Really

Tears are a normal reaction to happiness and sadness, but they’re also essential for your beauty routine. Everyone has experienced having tears (and snot) run down their faces when they cry, but does it actually lengthen your eyelashes?

Do not worry if you are currently experiencing extreme lash envy. Find out if crying hastens lash growth by reading on.

The Science Around Crying and Eyelashes

There are numerous beauty myths and rumors out there, and at the moment, one that is particularly popular is the idea that crying may actually lengthen your eyelashes. Let’s examine the underlying science of crying and eyelashes before delving into that directly. It’s critical to comprehend what tears are made of and what happens to your eyelashes when you cry.

The components of tears—water, fatty lipids, electrolytes, proteins, and mucin—combine to form the three layers of mucous, aqueous, and oily tears. Tears aid in shielding the eyes from irritants. Crying causes the body to produce tears, which help to wash dust and other debris from the eyes.

Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

We’re sorry to break it to you, but crying won’t actually lengthen your eyelashes. There is no proof that crying actually promotes the growth of eyelashes, so this is a myth. Even though it might seem that way when you’re crying, it’s only a fleeting effect. However, because tears lubricate the lashes, crying may make the eyelashes appear darker or straighter.

Benefits of Crying for Eyes

Removes Toxins from the Body

The body releases toxins when you cry, which can make you feel better and lift your spirits. Neuropeptides, which are hormones that elevate mood, are released by the body whenever you cry.

A Stress-free Form of Therapy

Because crying is stress-free, cryptologists assert that it offers greater emotional relief than any other type of therapy. Tearing has a number of well-established advantages, from lowering stress to fostering creativity.

Cleansing the Eyelashes Naturally

It is well known that crying naturally cleans eyelashes and promotes hair growth. According to recent studies, crying also aids in the cleansing process because the tears’ abundant lacrimal secretions wash dirt and bacteria from the eyes. Because of this, some people think that crying causes your eyelashes to grow.

Makes Your Skin Look Better

There’s a good reason why crying helps us all feel better. It turns out that crying has a significant impact on the skin. It not only removes all impurities from the skin but also gives the skin a radiant, healthy appearance. Also beneficial to the skin are its calming effects.

Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? Not Really

Kicks a Bad Mood

The cry will lift your spirits when you’re down. Tears release endorphins, which can help people feel calm and relaxed. Crying can also help you release tension and stress because it increases the blood flow of natural painkillers like oxytocin and endorphins.

Makes You Strong

Weakness has historically been associated with crying. crying makes you stronger, according to recent research. These days, the internet ridicules emotional openness, so we don’t consider how crying can be therapeutic. This feeling can lessen the negative effects of stress because, unlike anger, it is not destructive. In the long run, crying may actually make you stronger because it can speed up your healing. Tears may be a healthy reaction to difficult emotions and may also promote both physical and psychological healing.

Relieves Emotional Pain

Crying is a typical reaction to a variety of emotions, including sadness, rage, frustration, and disappointment. You can move on and become more resilient by letting go of those feelings. Additionally, crying gives one a way to express thoughts and feelings. As a result, the isolation that frequently comes along with emotional pain is diminished.

The Downsides of Crying

Although it can be a cathartic and purifying experience, crying is not without drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know before letting those tears flow:

• over time leave you feeling worn out and less capable.
• takes away minerals like potassium from you and causes you to become dehydrated. When you cry, your eyes, eye socket, sinuses, throat, and voice box may become sore.
• brings unwanted attention, particularly from your peers.
• makes you susceptible to those who might not be sympathetic or kind.
• An endless cycle of sadness and depression can be brought on by excessive crying.
• The tears just won’t stop, even after you’ve stopped crying for a while.

How to Make Your Eyelashes Longer

Use An Eyelash Curler

A heated eyelash curler will help your lashes look longer by curling them before you apply mascara.

Apply a Lengthening Mascara

There are a number of mascaras available that promise to lengthen your lashes.

Try a Primer

In order for your mascara to stick to your lashes, a primer creates a base that can make them appear longer.

Wear False Eyelashes Instead of Mascara

Your lashes will look longer and thicker at the same time if you do this.

Choose a Cruelty-free Mascara

Some consumers choose cruelty-free goods because they disagree with animal testing, while others might just be looking for goods without any ingredients derived from animals. Whatever your motivation, there are many excellent cruelty-free mascaras available.

Take Eyelash Growth Supplements

You can increase the length of your lashes with a number of supplements. The first is biotin, a vitamin that is frequently consumed to promote hair growth. Fish oil is an alternative because it provides your hair follicles with beneficial fats. Finally, there is folate, which is present in beans and leafy greens.

Takeaway: Not Really

While a good cry can help you decompress, crying won’t make your eyelashes grow longer. An FDA-approved lash growth product, Latisse is the only one that can lengthen eyelashes. Getting longer lashes is not a crying shame because there are many lash growth-promoting serums available right now.

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