Cow: Run Fast As Usain Bolt

Cow: Run Fast As Usain Bolt

You may have seen cows grazing, seen cows drinking water, and seen cows walking. But have you ever seen a cow run? For most people, they have rarely seen cows running. This raises a question, how fast do cows run? When you think of fast running animals, what comes to mind? No doubt you think of cheetahs, deer, and even some domesticated dogs. Cows seem big, slow, and…well…slow to move. The only image we have of cows is that of lazy mammals grazing in a field, making the occasional mooing sound.

How Fast Can a Cow Run?

Human running speed varies widely, but on average you can run between 6.2 and 8.7 miles per hour. Speed varies depending on age, gender, size and health. The fastest human speed was Usain Bolt in 2009. He reached 27.8 miles per hour and currently holds the record for the fastest speed for men in the 100-meter sprint.

What about cows? A cow can run at a speed of 17 miles per hour on average. Some have even gone up to 25 miles an hour. The average person can’t outrun a cow. In fact, even professional athletes can’t outrun a cow.

How Far Can a Cow Run?

There are conflicting opinions about how long a cow can run. Some people think they run for more than 5 hours without a break, while others think it is difficult for cows to run for a maximum of 2 hours.

Cows can run 20-30 miles a day. However, this depends on several factors, including: how far it is from the water, how far they habitually walk each day, and weather conditions.

Why Do Cows Run So Quickly?

Now that we know the “how”, let’s look at the other important questions, regrouping the “why” and some additional questions. Why do cows run? It is an unusual sight to see these heavy animals running, but there are many reasons why cows run.

  1. Fear

When cows are afraid of what’s around them, they usually run away. This may be due to the act of humans hitting, kicking or scaring them away. Just like any other creature, they run away from fear to save their lives. The slightest anger or loud sound from humans can make a cow run away.

  1. To Escape from Other Animals 

They are usually afraid of animals such as dogs, pigs, horses and bears. According to research, the animal that cows fear most is the dog. This is because dogs usually come from a family of predators because cows are prey and that is why cows are afraid of them. When encountering these animals, cattle will naturally run away.

  1. Excitement

Fear isn’t the only emotion these animals feel. They can also get excited, causing them to run. They play around and can be happy.

  1. Chase Humans

Although they may appear to be innocent, cows are some of the most vengeful animals and will follow humans when they are upset or angry with them. Additionally, cows are herd animals and tend to run together when they see another cow running.

Cow: Run Fast As Usain Bolt

What Are Some of the World’s Fastest Cows?

Holstein cows are the fastest cows in the world, reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Holstein cows originated in the Netherlands, and their name comes from the Dutch province of Holstein-Friesland. They are also the largest breed of cows, with females averaging 1,500 pounds and males averaging 2,300 pounds. 

However, Holstein cows are not the only fast breed of cows. American Angus is another fast breed of cow, with bulls reaching speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Other breeds that can reach high speeds include Jersey and Brown Swiss. 

Why Do Cows Run With Their Tails Up?

If you’ve ever watched a cow run, you’ll notice that the tail stays extended and straight, rather than hanging limply at the end. The body language of cows is difficult to understand because they respond to different situations by changing the position of their tails.

The tail is the active extension of the bull and functions when the bull is running. An extended tail helps the cow to keep its balance while running. Sometimes, when they are excited or happy, they also run with their tails up. It’s also useful for exploring your environment or checking for hazards.

What to Do If a Cow Chases You?

Cows are not considered dangerous animals, but rather docile and friendly, but they are responsible for about 22 deaths per year. Sometimes, they may misinterpret certain signals as danger and chase. This can happen especially when you are running. What should we do when the cows are chasing us?

You should be reminded that trying to run faster than a cow is a sure way to get hurt or die. Humans cannot outrun a cow, so if a cow chases you, then you need to take alternative action. Most cows will not continue to chase you if they think you are not a threat, so stay calm and walk away slowly. Don’t turn your back on the cow and walk toward the nearest obstacle or shelter. Nonetheless, the best way to avoid aggression is to not provoke it in the first place. Cows can become defensive about the presence of calves or dogs. You should try to avoid taking dogs near cows or into cow pastures.


Cattle don’t run often, but when they do, they are astoundingly fast. Don’t underestimate the speed and power of cows. With speeds comparable to a Usain Bolt, cows are fast and are considered one of the fastest farm animals today. In addition, they have better traction than horses on slippery surfaces, which gives them an advantage on grass or sand. In short, cows are not as lazy and naive as they seem. Cows are usually harmless, but you shouldn’t provoke them for no reason because they can turn into fearsome herbivores in a heartbeat. If you do find yourself being chased by a cow, remember that a sharp turn may be your only solution.

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