Best CBD Oil for Sleep 2022 – Which Are Most Useful?

Best CBD Oil for Sleep 2022 – Which Are Most Useful?

You can easily identify with the feeling: it’s like just seconds ago you drifted off to sleep when suddenly your alarm, no matter how soft the tone, wakes you up violently from a deep sleep.

Although CBD oil may appear to be a new product, it has been used for generations as a powerful tool to enhance sleep, lessen pain, and advance overall wellbeing. In comparison to pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter sleep aids that are laden with chemicals and side effects, research has shown that CBD oil for sleep is a great alternative.

Below, we list the best CBD brands and the CBD products that are most highly recommended to aid in your search for the best CBD for sleep.

A Quick Guide For You

  • Nuleaf Full Spectrum Hemp Cbd Oil
  • Slumber 3:1 Full Spectrum CBD & CBN Tincture
  • Runner-up and top for insomniacs: Green Roads Sweet Sleep CBD Oil
  • Calm by Wellness CBD Lavender Lotion
  • Zatural Cbn 250 + Cbd 2,500 Isolate Oil Tincture
  • Joy Organics Tranquil Mint Organic Broad-Spectrum CBD Tincture CBDfx CBD Oil Sleep Tincture 
  • Just CBD Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
  • Best organic CBD oil: Receptra Naturals Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture
  • Optimal AM-PM CBD bundle: Cornbread Hemp AM-PM CBD Oil Bundle
  • Best cold-pressed CBD oil: Bloom Essential Calming Tincture
  • CBD product with the best flavor: Sunday Scaries Big Spoon Tincture for Sleep with CBD + CBN

Best CBD Oil for Sleep 2022

Nuleaf Full Spectrum Hemp Cbd Oil

Nuleaf Full Spectrum Hemp Cbd Oil

NuLeaf Naturals is a company committed to producing high-quality cannabinoid products free of additives. The business is also able to maximize the potency of its products without the use of any harsh chemical solvents thanks to an advanced extraction technique.


A variety of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, including beta-caryophyllene, are present in this full-spectrum CBD oil, which also offers 30 mg of CBD per serving. These components help to promote better sleep.


  • Contains only two ingredients
  • High praise from reviewers, noting improvement with sleep, pain, and stiffness
  • Discounts available through the brand’s assistance programs for qualifying customers


  • Contains trace amounts of THC (a drawback for those looking to avoid THC)
  • The company says their hemp is grown organically in Colorado, but it doesn’t seem to be in the United States right now. Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic certified

What customers love

It also only has two ingredients—organic virgin hempseed oil and full-spectrum hemp extract—and has passed third-party testing to guarantee its safety and quality.

Editor’s Pick: Slumber 3:1 Full Spectrum Cbd & Cbn Tincture

Millions of adults across the nation can gain from increasing their self-care and sleeping more. In order to specifically meet these needs, Slumber was founded. Slumber focuses exclusively on sleep products, as opposed to other businesses that concentrate on a wide variety of CBD types. All of the products are covered by their 30-day money-back guarantee, and they even provide trial packs so you can try the goods before buying a month’s worth.

Even if a product is healthy for them, people are less likely to regularly use and consume it because of the taste. In all of its products, including vanilla blueberry gummies, creamsicle tinctures, and sweet mint supplements, Slumber uses delicious, natural flavors. The CBN in every Slumber product has as many therapeutic benefits as possible because the best extraction techniques were used rather than the quickest.


The Slumber Full Spectrum CBD & CBN Tincture comes in a 30-day supply, and you can save 20% by subscribing to have them sent to you automatically each month. You will reap the rewards of the product’s terpenes and 0.3% THC because they are made with full spectrum CBD and CBN.

This oil is made entirely of natural, non-GMO ingredients. Because Slumber makes it so simple to test out your best sleep, we selected this oil as our Editor’s Pick product for CBD sleep products. From three-day gummy or CBD oil trials to their 30-day money-back guarantee, Slumber really cares about you finding the best option.


  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • Made in the USA
  • Delicious Sweet Mint flavor
  • Non-habit forming


  • No other flavor options

What customers love

The Full Spectrum CBD oil is a favorite among Slumber customers who adore all of their products. Many Slumber users specifically mention that the brand’s products give them a great night’s sleep without the morning grogginess that can come from using other cannabinoids or melatonin-based products. Customers have even been able to lessen their reliance on other sleep aids as a result.

The Runner-up And Ideal For Insomniacs: Green Roads Sweet Sleep Cbd Oil

The CBD oil from Green Roads is our runner-up pick for the best sleep CBD oil. Having over 25 years of experience, a pharmacist founded Green Roads. They are one of the few CBD businesses that were both founded and created by pharmacists. Due to the company’s experience in the pharmaceutical sector, they are passionate about establishing high standards for quality and transparency, giving you peace of mind regarding the caliber of their products.

A wide variety of goods are available from Green Roads for both people and their four-legged friends. They provide specialized treatments for stress relief, sleep, muscle pain, arthritis pain, athletic performance, and pet care. You can select from topical ointments, CBD gummies, CBD sleep oil, nootropics, chocolate, and even CBD coffee, depending on your preferences and the strength of CBD you require.


By combining a melatonin blend with the cannabinoids CBD and CBN, the Green Roads Sweet Sleep CBD Oil achieve fantastic results. The pairing of CBD and CBN tackles feelings of stress and anxiety while also promoting relaxation for a peaceful slumber. The smallest bottle contains over two weeks’ worth of doses, and it comes with a handy dropper.

There is a QR code on the box of each bottle of Sweet Sleep CBD Oil, which you can scan to view the particular lab results for your batch. Green Roads also incorporates MCT oil, which has been shown to have positive effects on your body and brain. Hemp seed oil is commonly used as the carrier oil in CBD oils for sleep. To temper the potent flavor of the terpenes, there is a hint of natural blueberry flavor.


  • Pharmacist-founded and formulated
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Independent lab testing
  • Loyalty program to earn discounts and free products
  • Manufactured in an FDA-compliant facility
  • Hemp grown in the United States


  • Most products contain CBD and CBN, so if you are looking for only CBD you will have a more limited range to choose from

What customers love

Over the course of its years in business, Green Roads has accumulated over 30,000 five-star reviews. Customers adore how simple it is to use the Sweet Sleep CBD Oil, and when they lie down in bed, they feel more relaxed.

Calm By Wellness Cbd Lavender Lotion

The main goal of Calm by Wellness is to offer CBD products made from hemp that is grown in the United States that are all made with natural ingredients, free of fillers, and with no artificial ingredients.


  • Current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs) certified
  • Contains sleep-friendly natural ingredients, like aloe vera and lavender
  • 30-day return policy


  • The brand has a rewards program but doesn’t seem to have discounts available through assistance programs like other popular CBD brands
  • Product size isn’t listed

What customers love

This lotion is formulated with aloe vera, a type of plant that has been studied in animals for its sleep-promoting properties. Additionally, lavender flower water is used to scent it. According to research, lavender may help you sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

Zatural Cbn 250 + Cbd 2,500 Isolate Oil Tincture

In order to help her many patients who suffered from anxiety, stress, and insomnia, a naturopathic doctor founded Zatural. CBD isolate provided the solution. Unlike other oils, which have less than 0.3% THC, CBD isolate has 0% THC. Zatural uses a CO2 extraction process to extract its oils. Most batches of the oil produced using this method don’t need to be processed, and it produces an extremely pure and concentrated oil.

Zatural specializes in CBD isolate oils, but to help as many people as possible, they also provide gummies, edibles, soft gels, topical creams, and pet products. Some goods, like CBD gummies, are full-spectrum and broad-spectrum so you can take advantage of the entourage effect.


A popular product and one of our top picks for CBD oil for sleep are Zatural CBN 250 + CBD 2,500 Isolate Oil Tincture. You receive all of the advantages of CBD and CBN in their purest form without any additional additives because it is an isolated oil. To ensure flawless quality, the product is third-party tested.

Your mind is calmed down and assisted in falling asleep by CBD and CBN, so you wake up without feeling sleepy. Because Zatural Isolate Oil is so adaptable and wasn’t just created with sleeping in mind, it can reduce inflammation, ease discomfort, and soothe sore muscles.


  • Free shipping in the US on orders over $5
  • Free products included with orders over $15
  • Subscription options to save 10-15% on recurring orders
  • Lab-tested
  • Made in the USA
  • Rewards program to save on future orders


  • While the oil is effective for sleep, it is not only designed with sleep in mind

What customers love

Customers adore Zatural CBN and CBD Isolate Oil because it only contains CBD and no other additives, unlike many other CBD products that contain full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. They also laud their quick shipping and outstanding customer service.

Joy Organics Tranquil Mint Organic Broad-spectrum Cbd Tincture

There are hundreds of businesses in the CBD market, but only a small number are focused on producing high-quality CBD products that are supported by independent lab testing, doctors, and people who also experience anxiety and insomnia. Joy Organics turned to nature for organic remedies rather than searching externally for pharmaceutical products.

Joy Organics has a wide variety of top-notch CBD products because they are aware that customers want options for how they consume CBD. Their full-spectrum soft gels, broad-spectrum soft gels, organic strawberry lemonade CBD gummies, and CBD tinctures in flavors like tropical sunrise, summer lemon, fresh lime, and tranquil mint are among the company’s best-sellers.


After a long day at work, the Tranquil Mint CBD Tincture is designed to help you unwind quickly. The carrier oil used is organic extra-virgin olive oil, which contains organic hemp extract and is rich in phytonutrients that promote the health of the skin and tissues. This product proudly displays the USDA organic certification, which is not given out lightly.

Joy Organics’ CBD tincture is available in four strengths and concentrations, ranging from 15 mg per serving to 75 mg per serving, making it ideal for both newcomers and those with more CBD experience who want higher dosages. It is unadulterated, clean, and pure with a THC content of 0.0%.


  • Delicious mint taste
  • Vegan
  • Lab-tested
  • 20% discount for subscribing to regular deliveries
  • Free shipping over $50
  • Animal cruelty-free
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Multiple strengths available


  • The oil does not contain other compounds that might promote sleep

What customers love

Because Joy Organics consistently has excellent sales and discounts that make premium products even more affordable, customers keep coming back to buy their CBD sleep oil from them. Customers also enjoy using the tincture to feel calm during the day because it does not contain melatonin.

Cbdfx Cbd Oil Sleep Tincture

Because CBDfx is concerned with your sleep patterns and general wellness, they developed a line of products that includes melatonin, high-quality CBN that promotes relaxation, and products that contain broad-spectrum CBD that calms you down. To ensure that you are fully informed about the products you are putting into your body, they provide clear lab test results on every product page.

In terms of variety, CBDfx is a pioneer in the CBD market. They provide a huge selection of items, including CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD, and THC products. Special CBD products designed with dogs and cats in mind are also an option. CBDfx is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for CBD topicals, drinks, gummies, bath bombs, and edibles that actually work.


A special combination of ingredients makes up the CBDfx CBD Oil Sleep Tincture, which is known to promote relaxation, lessen anxiety, and promote restful sleep. In addition to the traditional high-quality CBD oil, they also contain CBN, a cannabinoid known for promoting body relaxation, and terpenes linked to restful sleep.


  • Available in three different strengths to suit your needs
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Free shipping on orders of $75 or more
  • Made in the USA
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Cruelty-free


  • Only for nighttime use

What customers love

Many users of CBDfx products claim to have a restful night’s sleep despite waking up in the middle of the night to check on their kids or use the bathroom. It helps the majority of people get to sleep and stay asleep.

Just Cbd Full Spectrum Cbd Tincture

The founders of Just CBD were dissatisfied with how difficult it was to locate straightforward, pure CBD products on the market. As a result, they have developed a reputation for producing tasty products that only contain CBD’s advantages. In addition to working with many other businesses to promote the therapeutic benefits of hemp, Just CBD is a board member of the Florida Hemp Council.

Every taste and need can be satisfied by Just CBD’s wide variety of CBD products, which also include CBD gummies, CBD dog treats, bath bombs, vape cartridges, pain relief cream and gel, and adult versions of childhood favorites like sour candy ribbons.


Just CBD Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is a great choice if you want to take a CBD sleep oil that is pure CBD and free of any additives besides the essential carrier oil. Vegetable glycerin, which is only needed to get the product from the dropper to your mouth, is combined with cannabinoids to create the full-spectrum oil.

There is something for everyone because there are eight different strengths to choose from. If you don’t like the flavor of terpenes, you can easily add a dropperful to your favorite beverage or food to get rid of the aftertaste. It’s unflavored if you like the flavor of terpenes.


  • Kosher-grade ingredients
  • Lab test results
  • Friendly customer service
  • GMP-certified
  • Free shipping on orders over $35


  • No additional sleep-promoting compounds like melatonin

What customers love

The variety of strengths and concentrations that Just CBD products come in is greatly appreciated by their customers. Additionally, Just CBD received praise for its quick shipping times and excellent customer service, which always makes things right when problems arise.

Best Organic Cbd Oil: Receptra Naturals Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture

Colorado is the home state of Receptra Naturals. There, everything from organic hemp farming to manufacturing happens, and it is only when their CBD oils are on their way to your house that they leave Colorado. They conduct independent testing on each item they sell to guarantee its efficacy and purity. With products designed specifically for ailments like pain, stress, and insomnia, Receptra Naturals aims to assist as many customers as possible.

The Receptra Naturals range includes bundles that allow you to try multiple products at once in addition to tinctures, capsules, topical creams, pet treats, and gummies. You can enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD without the strong flavor by choosing from mouthwatering flavors like ginger peach and mountain strawberry.


The Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture by Receptra Naturals was created for people who require a potent sleep aid that is also all-natural and made of organic ingredients. The specialized mixture contains chamomile, CBD, MCT oil for healthy acids and fats, valerian root for relaxation, vanilla, and peppermint as natural flavorings. This tincture is an excellent option for deep relaxation without any negative side effects.


  • Free US shipping
  • Rewards program for discounts and free products
  • Organic hemp
  • Laboratory testing


  • Sleep oils are only available in one strength

What customers love

Customers adore the products from Receptra Naturals because they help them not only fall asleep but also stay asleep all night. Many clients report feeling less stressed and having better sleep, all without feeling groggy in the morning.

Best Am-pm Cbd Bundle: Cornbread Hemp Am-pm Cbd Oil Bundle

As the name might imply, Cornbread Hemp was developed and is produced in the US using premium, freshly-grown hemp from Kentucky. After realizing there were no Kentucky-based CBD manufacturers of full-spectrum CBD products that met their standards, Cornbread Hemp was founded.

The full-spectrum CBD products Cornbread Hemp now offers include oils, capsules, gummies, topical lotions, and pet treats. Each item is individually handcrafted from the same high-quality hemp. Furthermore, they only use the flower, ensuring that there are no contaminants or fillers from the plant’s stems, leaves, or stalks.


This two-oil combination is available in three different strengths: 375 mg, 750 mg, and 1,500 mg. Because of this, it’s a fantastic option for everyone, from new users to those who have already used CBD products and are prepared for a higher dosage. The Cornbread Hemp AM-PM CBD Oil Bundle offers two distinctive options: a distilled oil that relaxes you without interfering with your ability to concentrate, and a whole flower CBD oil that is bursting with terpenes and contains 0.3% THC.

The two different oil blends in this package, unlike the other choices on the list, will take care of you all day. You will receive a therapeutic dosage of CBD without any additional ingredients that you may or may not like in the whole flower CBD oil or the distilled oil because both contain no additives.


  • USDA organic certified
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • No additives


  • No melatonin or other relaxants in the nighttime blend

What customers love

This Cornbread Hemp bundle is a great choice for discerning customers who want all-day CBD results. Customers adore how powerfully effective the two are combined, as well as how it makes them feel relaxed from dawn until dusk.

Best Cbd Oil, Cold-pressed: Bloom Essential Calming Tincture

A cutting-edge business, Bloom Hemp is committed to developing hemp oil products that are packed with terpenes and offer customers tangible benefits, moving away from the conventional methods of doing so. The founders began manufacturing their own CBD oil after being unable to find any that met their requirements.

To ensure that you can trust all of their CBD products and know exactly what you are putting into your body, they place a priority on testing and careful ingredient provenance. You can choose from gummies, tinctures, topical creams, soft gels, and concentrates, depending on how you prefer to consume CBD. Behind the scenes, each product is put through the same rigorous testing, and lab results are available online.


For anyone who has trouble relaxing before bed or getting enough sleep, the Bloom Essential Calming Tincture is a sleep necessity. The tincture’s base is composed of five different terpenes, California poppy, hops, and USDA-certified organic hemp oil in addition to CBD.

The special mixture was created by doctors to contain not only high-quality CBD but also other substances that have been scientifically proven to aid in relaxation. The product’s base ingredient, full-spectrum cold-pressed hemp oil, is distilled using a process that protects all of nature’s beneficial elements, such as omega fatty acids, iron, vitamin C, magnesium, and others.


  • Free shipping on all US orders
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Doctor-formulated
  • Cold-pressed hemp seed oil
  • Most products have USDA organic certification
  • Subscription options to save on regular deliveries


  • Only available in one formulation and CBD concentration

What customers love

Because it is a natural alternative to other sleeping aids, customers keep returning to the Bloom Essential Calming Tincture. They specifically point out the excellent customer service and staff who can assist you with the purchase process if you are unsure of which form is best for your requirements.

The Cbd Product With The Best Flavor Is: Sunday Scaries Big Spoon Tincture For Sleep With CBD + CBN

We all experience stress and anxiety in our daily lives, which is why Sunday Scaries was established to help. The company’s founders wanted to spread high-quality CBD, which had helped them, throughout the world. They concentrate on a small selection of goods that are jam-packed with the best CBD available in order to assist as many people as possible.

Along with their vegan CBD gummies, CBD candy, and CBD bath bombs, Big Spoon, their CBD sleep oil, is a best-seller. To guarantee their potency and safety, all products are third-party tested at independent labs.


Due to its proprietary blend of broad-spectrum CBD and additional ingredients that have been shown to improve relaxation and lessen insomnia, Big Spoon stands out from other CBD oils for sleep. Big Spoon contains CBN in addition to CBD. The hemp-derived substance CBN calms racing thoughts and anxiety.

The same lemon balm, chamomile, and valerian root that many people drink in teas to promote relaxation and enhance their sleep quality were also included in the Sunday Scaries sleep oil. The oil is flavored with a delectable creamy vanilla flavor that covers up the harsh taste of high-powered CBD. This makes it simple to take it before bed sublingually or in a warm beverage.


  • Same-day shipping
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Lab-tested
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Vanilla flavor
  • Discounts for purchasing multiple bottles or subscribing


  • Only one option for strength

What customers love

Reviewers adore this Sunday Scaries product because of its mouthwatering vanilla cream flavor, which hides the terpenes’ potency. Many customers like adding it to their cup of tea or cocoa because it is flavored, which gives it more versatility. Customers also appreciate that Big Spoon contains additional herbs and vitamins that enhance relaxation.

Researcher’s Opinions On CBD For Sleep

CBD is frequently used to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders. Physical pain and anxiety are just two of the many factors that can contribute to insomnia. Given that CBD has potential as a pain and anxiety treatment, it stands to reason that it could also improve sleep.

For Pain Management

Numerous studies indicate that CBD might be an effective pain reliever. For instance, research from 2018 examined numerous studies on CBD and pain that were conducted between 1975 and March 2018. Specifically for cancer-related pain, neuropathic pain, and fibromyalgia pain, the review found that CBD has a lot of potential as a pain reliever.

For Stress Levels

Though more research is required, CBD may also be able to lower anxiety. Two small studies — one from 2010 and another from 2019Trusted Source — indicated that Using CBD may help you feel less anxious in difficult social situations.

Research from 2018Trusted Source suggests that Your overall stress levels may go down if you use CBD. As a result, CBD may be worth a try if stress is keeping you up at night.

For Anxiety

Some research from 2019Trusted Source looked at the effects of anxiety and sleep effects of CBD. The researchers gave 72 women a daily dose of 25 mg of CBD. After one month, participants reported better sleep in 66.7 percent of cases and a decrease in anxiety in 79.2 percent of cases.

For Wakefulness

What’s more is that research from 2014Trusted Source, which looked at both human and animal studies, found that The potential for CBD to encourage daytime wakefulness exists. In other words, it might be able to make you feel more alert during the day.

The current research on CBD and sleep is encouraging, but more study is required.

How We Chose The Best Cbd Products For Sleep

These products were chosen by us based on standards that we believe are reliable measures of transparency, quality, and safety. In this article, each item:

  • Is made by a company that provides certificates of analysis (COA) as proof of third-party testing by an ISO 17025-compliant lab
  • Is made by a company that discloses the source of their hemp
  • Contains no more than 0.3 percent THC, according to the COA
  • Passes tests for pesticides, molds, and heavy metals, according to the COA

We also took into account the following factors in our selection process:

  • Certifications and manufacturing processes
  • Product potency
  • Overall ingredients
  • Signs of user trust and brand reputation, such as:
    • customer reviews
    • whether the company has been subject to an FDA warning letter
    • whether the company makes any unsupported health claims

Where To Buy CBD Oil?

  • Dispensaries. It’s a smart idea to buy CBD at a dispensary or cannabis store if one is nearby. The staff members are more likely to be knowledgeable about the product’s benefits and ingredients.
  • Health shops. As an alternative, many health stores as well as some retail pharmacies, including CVS and Walgreens, now sell CBD. It’s important to remember that goods sold in dispensaries are more likely to have undergone independent testing than goods found in other stores.
  • Online for delivery. However, avoid shopping for CBD on Amazon if you want to purchase CBD online. The sale of CBD is forbidden on Amazon. Additionally, hempseed products devoid of CBD appear when you conduct a CBD search on Amazon.


Can CBD Make A Difference In How Well You Sleep?

Faster REM to NREM sleep transitions may be facilitated by CBD. More specifically, a 2014 study shows that Parkinson’s disease sufferers who use CBD may experience better REM sleep patterns.

Another small 2016 case reportTrusted Source that was done on a 10-year-old girl also suggests that For people with PTSD, CBD may be able to help with their anxiety and sleep problems.

How Much CBD Should I Take To Get Some Rest?

If you’ve never taken CBD before, it can be a little confusing, and taking CBD orally can make things even more difficult.

You must first determine the ideal CBD dosage. Start out with a small dose, like 5 to 10 mg daily. Increase the dosage by 5 mg if you continue to experience no change after a week. You should keep doing this until you notice a difference.

Does CBD Work To Treat Insomnia?

Research from 2014 suggests that higher dosages of The symptoms of insomnia may be ameliorated by CBD. Lower doses, however, might have the opposite effect and encourage wakefulness.

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