Asana Rebel Review 2022: A Good Fitness App

Asana Rebel Review 2022: A Good Fitness App

Founded in Berlin in 2015, Asana Rebel is one of the long-standing, big fitness apps in the industry, with their yoga-inspired health, wellness, and nutrition platform helping over 10 million users worldwide keep physically active.

Asana Rebel is one of the more established fitness app brands today. It is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a holistic, yoga-based workout and recipes app to help you build healthy habits and track your progress over time, however, it may be limited for those looking for different workouts styles (e.g. strength training), as well as for more advanced users.

Continue reading my Asana Rebel review to learn more about this lifestyle app’s features and potential benefits for you!

What Is Asana Rebel?

Asana Rebel is essentially a yoga app, even though it also provides more general fitness workouts, recipes, and healthy habits. The majority of workouts can be thought of as a hybrid of yoga and bodyweight HIIT exercises.

With over 10 million users worldwide, it’s obvious that Asana Rebel’s messaging is resonating with the general public. The app’s goal is to help people lose weight, get fit, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The workouts are suitable for beginners and home exercisers due to the lack of equipment needed.

The app is divided into two main sections: a daily plan and a discovery area. While the discovery area enables you to find new workouts, challenges, and recipes to follow along with, the daily plan offers recommendations for the day with regard to healthy habits and exercise.

Pros And Cons Of Asana Rebel


  • The app is very holistic and comprehensive which is created to change your lifestyle;
  • Workouts incorporate voice instructions (great for technique);
  • Constant reminders of drinking, eating healthy, etc;
  • Super-easy UI and interactive experience;
  • New workouts coming out weekly;
  • Asana Rebel tracks basic stats which is enough to not confuse you too much but plenty for you to see progress;
  • Appealing workout videos;
  • utilizes Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPad.


  • The price is well-hidden in the app;
  • Workout videos buffer too long;
  • If you’re new to yoga or fitness in general, workouts can be challenging to follow. You have to keep an eye on the screen all the time because there are no breaks, and they don’t reveal the next move. This might tense you up and hinder efficiency;
  • The app uses a lot of storage space;
  • Doesn’t work without WiFi;
  • Routines can become difficult because they don’t take your body type into account and don’t include low-impact modifications.
Asana Rebel

Features Of Asana Rebel

I’ll now delve a little deeper into the Asana Rebel app’s features. As I previously mentioned, the app provides a ton of features in addition to workouts.

Even though it’s a yoga app, it also includes alternative exercises like squats and planks. There are three tabs along the bottom of the app: Today, Explore, and Activity.


You can find Asana Rebel’s daily recommendations, such as any challenges or workouts that it suggests for you based on your personal goals, under the Today tab. Additionally, it will provide you with a selection of recipes as well as some music or meditations.


If you’ve ever used workout apps, you may be familiar with many of the features found in the Explore tab; these can undoubtedly help maintain your interest over the long term.

The first is exercise. A variety of yoga-based exercises can be found here. Workouts based on strength or cardio can be found to satisfy any desire you may have. It also offers a good variety of low-intensity exercises.

The exercises themselves are typically simple to follow. However, I thought they were a little challenging. Your general fitness level is asked during account setup, but not your yoga experience.

The exercises Asana Rebel chose for me were a little bit too difficult, despite the fact that I have a fairly high level of fitness.

Next is the challenges section. You can sign up for a variety of challenges right here. There are challenges for 7 to 28 days of yoga practice.

Then are the sleep features. You can use the variety of sleep music and meditations listed here to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Fourth is the nutrition section. You can find a variety of personalized recipes with cooking instructions here to help with weight loss and getting a bikini body. Exercise for a toned body is most effective when a healthy diet is also followed.

Whatever your requirements are, you can select from high-protein, anti-inflammatory, and high-fiber options. Use the nutrition section too because what you eat is just as important as the yoga app you use.

The next section in the explore area is meditation. Here, you’ll discover a variety of meditations for dealing with a variety of issues, from overcoming obstacles to being creative. Given that yoga is all about discipline, incorporating meditation into your yoga routines can benefit your mental performance.

Finally, is the music for the focus section. Similar to the meditation section, you can find a variety of focusing music tracks here.

For the majority of people, using Asana Rebel for yoga while also adopting a holistic approach to improving your entire lifestyle is probably the best option.


The Activity tab is the last one. Here, you can monitor your activity and keep tabs on your goals. You can view how many sessions you have completed, or how many minutes you have spent on each activity

You can update your weight in your profile to track your progress toward your objective.

Although it can track your weight, it isn’t a complete dieting app and is best used in conjunction with another one (like Apple Health or a food-tracking app) to help you lose weight.

What We Like About Asana Rebel?

Holistic Focus

The checklists and reminders in Asana Rebel were fantastic. They keep things simple and concentrate on what matters most, which is gradually incorporating wholesome routines and lifestyle adjustments into your day.

It takes a more comprehensive approach and is much more than just a fitness app that emphasizes exercise.

They don’t overthink it or concentrate on the result; rather, they emphasize the process of gradually becoming a healthier person. Due to this, beginners will love it.

Exceptionally High-Quality Workout Videos

The audio and video quality of the workout videos is excellent, and the instructors do a fantastic job of providing technique cues throughout. We loved them to pieces.

We particularly liked the ability to choose your own music and adjust the pace of your workout.

Great User Experience

The app is very simple to use, navigate, and comprehend. The push notification reminders are a wonderful addition, and the checklists are very satisfying.

In addition, the app can be used on your apple watch or streamed to your apple TV in addition to your phone.

What We Do Not Like About Asana Rebel?

Not Great For Specific Goals

Asana Rebel is constrained if you’re someone who wants to accomplish specific fitness goals within a set amount of time. For instance, the workouts don’t really progress over time or build on one another, and the recipes don’t really list the macronutrients.

Asana Rebel is also not very customizable. After entering your information, you’re essentially stuck with it. I found it frustrating that I was unable to modify the recipes or the daily workout.

But simplicity is advantageous for a beginner.

The trial Version Is Very Limited

It’s not very extensive if you’re not interested in purchasing the app’s full version.

There are only a few free workouts and meditations, so if you want the most out of the experience, we strongly advise upgrading.

Some Users Complaining Of Glitches & Payment Issues

As I’ve done my research online, I’ve seen that many users have reported bugs, being charged incorrectly and the workouts taking a long time to load.

Take a look, for instance, at the 1.8-star average rating that TrustPilot users have given Asana Rebel.

Even though I haven’t personally experienced this, it’s possible to be on the lookout for it. Your best bet if you run into any issues is to contact Asana Rebel’s team of developers, who are actively engaged in extensive research and innovation.

Is Asana Rebel App Free?

By allowing us to try out free samples of everything, Asana Rebel is doing a fantastic job. You must upgrade to premium in order to access everything.

You’ll have access to a variety of exercises once you’ve upgraded, each of which focuses on a different body part or set of target areas.

They offer either a quarterly subscription for $37.99 USD or a yearly subscription for $58.99 USD.

How Much Does Asana Rebel Cost?

An Asana Rebel subscription varies in price between $4.91 USD and $15.99 USD a month, depending on how long you commit to signing up.

A month-by-month membership costs $15.99 USD per month.

Annual membership costs $58.99 USD upfront, which works out to be $4.91 USD per month, saving you almost 70% overall.

Asana Rebel actually costs a lot less than other well-known yoga-related apps like Alo Moves. After all, purchasing daily barista coffees on your own can easily cost much more than a subscription.

Throughout the year, Asana Rebel offers a variety of other pricing structures, such as during sales, but this is not common.

It’s important to remember that prices can change, so you should never assume that the information in this article is accurate and instead should always confirm the price on the application at the time of download.

Is Asana Rebel Only Yoga?

Even though Asana Rebel does not advertise itself as a yoga app, the exercises are heavily focused on the practice of yoga.

Asana Rebel does incorporate some HIIT, Pilates, core training, and basic bodyweight strength, but these are not the main objectives.

Asana Rebel also offers meditation, sleep training, and recipes, but if you’re interested in other training modalities like weight lifting and strength training, it might be worthwhile to check out Centr, which is very similar but offers a much greater variety of training modalities.

Can Beginners Use Asana Rebel?

Asana Rebel is a great choice for beginners because, in contrast to other apps like the body coach, it emphasizes a more holistic approach to health and fitness and doesn’t have as demanding a workout schedule.

The app is also very simple and doesn’t allow for much customization, which, despite what it may seem like, makes it simple for those just getting started.

For instance, many apps, even those that are incredibly effective, like Lauren Simpson Fitness or Move With Us, are just too complicated and overwhelming for a beginner.

It may be necessary for you to become familiar with a few basic yoga poses before you begin if you are a beginner who has never practiced yoga before, but once you get going, you’ll quickly pick it up.

Asana Rebel is fantastic if you’re just starting out and want the exercise to become a lifelong habit; however, if you’re looking for specific results, like a dramatic body transformation, Asana Rebel might not be the best choice.

Asana Rebel Vs. Alo Moves

Alo Moves and Asana Rebel are both health and wellness apps with a strong focus on yoga, and they are very similar to one another.

What makes them different from each other is a frequently asked question. Pricing, class selection, and nutrition are the areas where they differ.


The cost of Alo Moves comes in at between $16.58 – $19.99 USD per month, whereas Asana Rebel is far less expensive, costing between $4.91 $14.99 USD per month and $15.99 USD.

Range Of Classes

In our opinion, Alo Moves offers a much wider variety of classes and skill sessions than Asana Rebel, which primarily focuses on yoga-based training.


The fact that Asana Rebel includes healthy recipes—clearly a crucial component of fitness and health that Alo Moves neglects—is one thing that makes it superior to Alo Moves.

To make your own choice, it might still be worthwhile to first read our review of Alo Moves.


If you enjoy yoga-based workouts, Asana Rebel is a pretty good fitness app. However, there aren’t many different workout options.

Asana Rebel is a great choice if you’re looking for an entry-level, reasonably-priced fitness app that is based on yoga and also includes holistic extras like meditation, tests, and nutrition.

However, it’s unquestionably not for everyone and may be restricted to more experienced users, those wishing to accomplish particular objectives, or those desiring other training modalities such as strength or weight training.

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